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Polymer Innovations develops polymers for Australian & International farmers & agriculturalists. Located in the
heart of the Hunter Valley we know agricultural people & the stresses of life on the land. We are committed to
providing the best quality polymer products to keep your farming land as productive as possible. The
conservation & efficient use of your land's water is the primary focus of our innovative polymers.


In fact, we manufacture the world's best polymer solution to assist farmers in constructing, maintaining &
sealing their farm dams. We also produce polymers that give your crops the best chance of surviving
through seasons of drought or in difficult soils. Plus polymers that remove dust pollution, assist with the
plantation of native trees or shrubs & water retaining polymers for your gardens.


Some of the harshest agricultural land is in Australia, Polymer Innovations' testing ground.

  • Water$ave Plug Range
    The best polymer based dam or pond sealant. Whether the leak is in the base, wall, through rock or any soil type Polymer Innovations has the specific dam sealant to put an end to your water losses. Water$ave Plug & Water$ave Seep locates the leak & seals it. Even if you don't know exactly where the leak is our polymers will locate the outflow & stop it.
  • Water$ave Broadacre
    Water$ave Broadacr is used to increase the efficiency of available water in your crop's soil profile. It is specifically designed for non irrigated broadacre crops. Water$ave Broadacre will absorb & redistribute the nutrients & fertiliser providing a buffer suited to the crops water demands whilst minimising evaporation from the soil. Water$ave Broadacre is applied into the soil with the fertiliser & seed stock.
  • Water$ave Flobind
    Is a lineal polymer that is used for soil erosion control, road stablisation, dust suppression & dam sealing. This slimey polymer is extremely versatile & assists with all water & pollution issues.
    It is a water soluble polymer specifically designed to control soil erosion & improve water infiltration. It flocculates suspended fine soil particles & stabilises existing soil structure. Flobind is ideal for smaller applications where powder or emulsion dosing systems are not practical.
  • Water$ave Dust Suppression
    Keeping workers free from allergies & asthma, reducing soil erosion, ecological damage & airborne pollution. Also, reducing wear & tear on nearby expensive equipment. Finding ways to effectively control it in a simple & cost effective manner is beneficial for everyone. Polymer Innovations Water$ave Dust Suppression meets this demand with it's own specific polymer blend for dust pollution control.
  • Water$ave Plantation
    Effective in the revegetation & reforestation of trees, bushes & saplings. Water$ave Plantation reduces the mortality rate caused by transplant shock & also enhances root development encouraging more rapid growth & production. Also, non toxic & biodegradable, Water$ave Plantation reduces the leaching of any introduced fertilizer, minimising evaporation from the soil whilst improving porosity & aeration.
  • Water$ave Medium
    Water$ave Medium is the practical & economical solution to all domestic & commercial growing needs that is used widely by agriculturalist, horticulturalists, landscapers, weekend gardeners, sporting clubs
    & community groups. Water$ave Medium quickly uptakes the water & then gradually releases the water & nutrients as it is required by the plant. Water$ave Medium is an easy to use, versatile product that has a large surface area per gram gives a better distribution around the root zone. Water$ave Medium is a market leader in plant growth polymers that can be easily used on any scale.


These products are available at the Online Store.

Benefits to farmers that use Polymer Innovations unique polymer blends:


  • Easy & safe to handle.
  • Same methods no matter the scale
  • Experience with all types of agriculture projects, no matter how complex.
  • Increases the water holding capacity of crop soils.
  • Reduces watering frequency by up to 50%.
  • Reduces water evaporation from soil.
  • Proven equipment saver.
  • Non toxic, biodegradable & environmentally friendly.
  • Improves the physical properties of compact soil.
  • Protects the environment against drought & ground water pollution.
  • Extremely cost effective, simple equipment required.
  • Serious time savings in man hours.
  • Dust exposure for humans & animals is quickly & accurately reduced
  • Same methods no matter the scale.
  • Full documentation & backup support.
  • Delivered to your door nationwide or worldwide

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