Your plants may be struggling to grow & thrive. This can be caused by your soil being to compacted. Compacted soil can reduce the plant’s access to water, soil & nutrients, because there is simply no room for them to enter the soil. A fine layer of topsoil can obscure a lower layer of compacted soil but will not be enough for plants to thrive.

Signs that your soil maybe compacted include:

  • The soil is so hard a shovel cannot be driven into it
  • Water is pooling in low lying areas
  • In high areas, water running off the soil
  • Bare areas. Weeds will not even grow in these areas
  • Stunted growth & shallow rooting of plants that can grow

To test for compacted soil, all you need is a long strong metal rod. This rod is then pushed into the testing area with a steady pressure. The rod should be able to pierce the soil for a few metres if the soil is healthy. If the soil is compacted, the rod will suddenly stop & not be able to be pushed any further. In extreme cases, the rod may not even be able to enter the soil at all.

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*Improving crop production by the use of PAM: Potential benefits to Australian agriculture. Siva Sivapalan, School of Agriculture, Charles Sturt University