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Polymer Innovations

Polymer Innovations was founded by Andrew Evans in 2000 and is based in Singleton, in the heart of the Hunter Valley NSW.

Andrew’s initial success was built on the provision of super absorbent polymers to local underground mines to assist in clearing slurries that have long been an issue for the industry.

Today you will find Polymer Innovations products in use wherever there is underground mining in Australia.

Realising the potential for a wide range of commercial uses, Andrew established a Research and Development program to identify niche opportunities for the unique properties of absorbent polymers. Read More...

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Client Testimonials

Recently got 2 pails of your product; fantastic only evaporation is drinking the water. Thanks for advise from Mark. Great stuff , I’m spreading word.

- Den Houghton ROLLESTON, QLD

I used your product recently to seal a dam & the results were astoundingly good. I am very impressed with this product.

- Michael Wilson

This product is Amazing !! I sprinkled about 1/3 of the pail into the leak area and within 12 hours it had expanded and sucked into the holes through all the gravel ! It is actually down to the smallest trickle now and we just had a huge rainstorm that brought the pond up over a foot. Now if it stays plugged I will have a full pond for the re...

- Duane OHIO, USA

It's been almost 2 months since I treated our pond with your product.  We have had about 6 inches of rain since and the pond looks great.  The wetness below the dam is gone and the water level is holding. Bottom line is I am very impressed with your product.

- Bill Hille Kansas, USA

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