Hyrdo-Seeding or Hydro-Mulching?


Hydro- Seeding

Hydro-seeding is a method to quickly apply water, seed & fertiliser to a large, often uneven area. It is often used in restoration of areas that have been disturbed during road works & revegetation of areas previously used during mining.


Water$ave Hydro-Tac can be used during hydro-seeding to quickly apply water, seed & fertiliser to a large area. It is especially useful in uneven & difficult to access areas. Adding this tackifier during application dramatically increases the strike rate by holding the seeds in place during the germination phase of growth. 


Water$ave Hydro-Tac is a stand-alone tackifier that does not require the use of mulch during application. Hydro-Tac improves your strike rate while reducing seed loss due to wind & rain. By using Hydro-Tac you can also reduce your watering frequency while improving the water filtration & the physical properties of soils.



Hydro-mulching is the application of water, seed & fertiliser in combination with a growth medium. Paper pulp, sugar cane or straw mulch is often used as the medium. A binding agent is often needed to retain moisture & help the mulch stabilise.


Water$ave Hydro is a blend of polymers designed for hydro-mulching. Adding it to the mixture before application can lead to a better strike rate & fewer dry/bare spots. The polymer particles absorb both water & fertiliser, releasing them over time. The polymer also acts as a binder to bind the mulch together & remain in place during seed germination.



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