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Water$ave Flobind Application Calculator (Dam Sealing)


  • For dam sealing Water$ave Flobind is applied at a simple constant rate.
  • A representative can customise the correct application rate of Flobind for other projects such as dust suppression or hydroseeding.
  • Conversion: 1000ltr of water = 1m3 of water = 264 gallons
  • Water$ave Flobind is available in 2.5kg bags, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg & 18kg pails.
    Click Here to visit the Online Store for individual products to see how much treatment each size will provide for fine soil dam sealing.

The average application rate of Flobind for fine soil Dam Sealing = 1kg/1000ltr water (or 1m3 of water)


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