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Last July we excavated an ornamental pond 13 metres x 8 metres approx 1 metre deep on our property on the Mornington Peninsula. The pond was dug into clay. Unfortunately heavy rains filled the hole before we could line it. The pond has consistently lost about 30mm of water daily and last summer would have virtually dried up. We have had to regularly top it up from our rain water catchment.

In desperation, we decided to give your product a try. After advice from you as to quantity required, we treated to pond with your polymer product. Within 2 days our pond ceased losing water and has maintained the existing level of water ever since.

The product certainly worked for us.

Thanks for the help and advice.

Barry Coates

2017-10-26 12:52:39

It's been almost 2 months since I treated our pond with your product.  We have had about 6 inches of rain since and the pond looks great.  The wetness below the dam is gone and the water level is holding. Bottom line is I am very impressed with your product.

Bill Hille

2018-06-06 02:48:09

After waiting months for my dams to fill I finally spread the Water$ave last weekend, the only drama was cleaning the spillage from the bottom of the boat after. Thank goodness for water blasters! One week later & the area below the dam walls which normally were 25ml deep with seepage are dry. The results are AMAZING !!!! Cheers, Christopher Rowe Rowe Trading Co Pty Ltd

Chris Rowe

2014-05-10 01:36:29

As it turns out that if patience were the only virtue Ms. Kay would not be very virtuous. She inspected the dam yesterday she found that it was very wet still, but no water coming from the holes that she had identified earlier . So it seems as though I can sing your praises and if any of our friends who have pond problems like ours can rely on your product to correct those problems. I'm just delighted that the leaks stopped before three weeks had elapsed . I might too , have questioned its effectiveness; but as it turns out it seems that this will be the right fix and I won't have to worry about this in my life time , so thank you very much for your help and going a long way to comfort our concerns. Dan & Kay

Dan & Kay

2015-07-01 01:27:23

Your product appears to be working – the wet patches & boggie areas behind the dam have all dried up & water level holding. Thank you for your help and advice, I will certainly recommend you and your product to anyone with a similar problem.

Dave Jupp

2013-01-02 01:45:18

Recently got 2 pails of your product; fantastic only evaporation is drinking the water. Thanks for advise from Mark. Great stuff , I’m spreading word.

Den Houghton

2019-08-07 09:47:31

We were very happy with the level of customer service offered by your company; we had complete confidence in the measurements given for the surface area to be treated and the method of casting the product over the dam surface. I was a little worried about the many frogs in our dam, however, I managed to retrieve and wash the few that got stuck in the gel and I am happy to report that there appears to be no diminution in the multitudinous calls of courting frogs. We are indeed very happy with the results, especially as this is the first time in fourteen years that we have faced the bushfire season with a full dam. Best wishes, Dianne & Gordon ***************** A very happy update re our previously leaking, but now full dam; after seeding with the recommended polymer product, efficiently delivered to our door by courier, the dam has maintained its full level since January. Despite past heavy rains, the dam always dropped from full by a metre over a couple of weeks. Since using the Water$ave plug, it has retained its full level. We are elated by the success of this product and wish you every success in a your very exciting venture.

Dianne & Gordon McGlasson

2013-12-28 01:50:06

Just thought that you would like to know that the leaking dam that I contacted you about has stopped leaking after using your polymer product. Money well spent.

Don Mackay

2015-07-16 01:46:13

Your product is nothing short of miraculous!! I am happy to provide you with a powerful endorsement, in these uncertain times it is rare to find the kind of professionalism, commitment to customer service and quality. My pond has never looked better. I would be happy to send you s few photos if you like. I am thrilled with your product.

Dr Gerry Scarano

2015-05-29 01:31:18

This product is Amazing !! I sprinkled about 1/3 of the pail into the leak area and within 12 hours it had expanded and sucked into the holes through all the gravel ! It is actually down to the smallest trickle now and we just had a huge rainstorm that brought the pond up over a foot. Now if it stays plugged I will have a full pond for the rest of the year. I am so glad I found you.


2018-07-31 11:15:30

"It works!, it really works!!" I had hopes, not doubts, after reading other reviews but was praying it'd work as well as the dam here never held.


Long story short; moved onto a friend's property, they've owned it 15 years and only came to plant out hardy native plants and maintain property every 2-3 weeks.

It's a very dry area and things have to be tough to survive.


The dam: Very rocky/shaley area. Dug 3 times and emptied too quickly. First digging of the dam was a total novice who didn't even key it in. Got repaired and deepened, still leaked. Got repaired (kept adding clay and heavy machinery on wall where suspected leak was) but still leaked... Heartbreaking for sure let alone costly.


I moved here 2 years ago and we were having good rain the owner kept visiting and planting and I started making large vege gardens.


The water in dam went down as quick as it would fill.

Then we got a drought.


Then I saw an add for Polymer Innovations in a magazine and discussed it with owner. Let's try it she said.


Our dam is tear drop shape with the deepest bit being the rounded bottom, this is also where we suspected the leak also was.


Given the maths provided for how many kg needed we needed a total of 25kg and we definitely needed the plug version not the seal as we would easily loose an inch per day and there was always a massive puddle outside of dam and the bottom of the neighbours block was always a bog.


I bought an 18kg tub because I knew the leak was in that bottom half.


I applied it over 3 days, (we'd had rain to fill the dam) as I wanted to be thorough and I reckon I could start to see results after about 4 days. (You've got to remember this was a major leak in a very rocky/shaley dam so total results wouldn't be seen for 2-3 weeks as is mentioned by the company).


Well then it rained... & rained & rained & rained so I was praying the plug had sunk enough to not be washed away, I didn't know anything about the polymer so I kept my hopes high.


It works... It's been about 8+ weeks now and there's never been a puddle outside the dam, the neighbours is not a big, but absolutely the most important thing is the dam's holding!


I'll admit I'm not 100% certain (I would say I'm 98% tho) because the level does drop here and there however I think it's just normal evaporation.


We do keep having enough constant rain to keep topping it up tho and the only place the water goes out now is the overflow.


The owner has never seen this in her 15 years of owning the property and I've never seen it in my 2 years of being here.


If needed we can get another 12kg bucket because as I said, we really are in a challenged area and up against many odds to begin with.


I 100% recommend Polymer Innovations. One hundred percent!!

My/our story is one of huge success and I/we have so much to be grateful for.


Thankyou Polymer Innovations I will truly spread your name far and wide.


EJ, Australia


2024-02-20 09:59:11

Our dam had been leaking badly for the past 2-3 months since it got full. I applied your Water$ave Seep at the recommended rate & within 2 days the leak had stopped & a week later the ground had almost dried out. We are really impressed - we didn't expect it to work so fast and so effectively. 

Frank & Jenny

2020-08-03 10:04:48

Leak progress is still very good.  Your WaterSave product is fantastic !

I just wanted to send you a note, if you have another United States customer who is somewhat skeptical of your product.  If you want, you can provide them with our email address and I will share the amazing results we achieved.

Thanks Again!


George Graber

2021-08-24 09:34:50

Well I’ll be buggered. IT WORKS! After the recent heavy rain following such a long dry spell, my dam (small acreage) developed quite a substantial leak. The water was literally bubbling out of a hole in the ground at the base of the dam wall, and running down the road as a small stream. While the neighbours were quite happy with this arrangement, I was not so impressed. I temporarily plugged the hole (about 100mm across) with a log, bashed in with a sledge hammer, and searched the ’net for a solution. I read the reports and claims made re Water$ave Plug, and with a fair degree of scepticism, placed an order for a 10kg pail. It arrived as promised within two days of ordering, and I waited for a calm morning to spread it across the dam surface. At this stage, the leak had slowed to a trickle, but still allowing an unacceptable degree of leakage. As well as the big leak, my dam has always had a slow seepage problem. I released some of the plug effect by loosening the log in the hole, and allowed a slow but steady leak in the hope that it would ensure that the stuff would be sucked into the right hole. After about three days, there was a marked decrease in the loss rate, and after two weeks, the dam wall is bone dry. I must admit, I was amazed. Thanks for the product, and for the prompt professional service.

Graham Bamford

2013-12-17 02:07:23

I purchased a 20kg pail of Water$ave Plug in Dec. I have been waiting for rain to fill dam. I had some clay spread in dam but was not holding, added Watersave Plug when dam filled & the dam is holding really well. Thanks very much for a wonderful product.

Ian Cairns

2013-01-07 02:02:56

Just a short message to let you know that your Water$ave plug sealed my dam first go. The dam was a joke, it use to leak to 1/3 of its size in under a week. It now is still full from after 2 months. It only cost me $240 & 1 hour and it is sealed. I wish I had of known about your product 10 years ago. I was a skeptic but now I am amazed that not everyone has heard of your product. Thank you, Regards, Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon

2013-09-28 01:42:19

We recently moved into a new place & the dam was leaking badly. According to our new neighbours it wasn't built properly. It would drop over 1 foot per week even during this very wet winter. We were told nothing would fix it being red clay, but we figured a drum of Watersave Plug would be worth a shot & even if it didn't work, the cost wasn't too high. Well I am pleased to report that within a couple of days it appeared to have stopped leaking completely. Several weeks on and it is holding water like it should & one neighbour is really happy now his driveway is drying out.So thank you for a great product that does work. It saved us a considerable amount of money for earthmoving equipment.

Jo George

2015-10-19 01:20:52

Our dam has stopped leaking completely within 3 days of using the Watersave Seep on dam floor & wall. Can’t thank you enough for your thoroughness in getting every bit of detail about our dam through questions, photos I sent through & google to make sure you had all the info on the dam. We actually found more damp areas down in front of the big rocks, so did the whole length of the dam wall & the corner, & now there is Absolutely Not One trickle of water, even where it was flowing into the 2nd dam.

Joanne & Jay Astill

2020-05-18 09:34:08

We had a seeping dam and being at the start of the watering season, we did not have the choice of emptying our stock and domestic dam on our Central Victorian property. Im naturally a sceptical person but after contacting Polymer Innovations felt convinced that their Water Save Plug was my only option. Their representative openly advised me of the product's limitations and further advised me on how best to apply the product. After meticously following his advice, our dam stopped seeping after two days. What more could I ask for? Very satisfied customer,

Sincerely Joe

Joe Helper

2021-11-01 10:21:55

Thank you so much for your product. We believe that it has been very successful in plugging the leaks in our dam! Regards John & Kerry Egel

John & Kerry Egel

2015-10-12 01:26:10

I have completed treating my dam at my Creewah property & it looks pretty successful. I started about six weeks ago as it was slowly filling & for the first time in many years it has held. I have spoken to the earthmoving contractor who sunk the dam for me & recommended your product to him. I have used up the three 18kg pails that you forwarded. I will be watching to see if I need another drum as the dam still has about 400 mm to fill before it reaches the overflow. Best wishes, John Whatson

John Whatson

2013-12-29 01:34:37

Just wanted to let you know that I finally put the Water$ave Plug in my dam last Thursday. The next day the water flowing out from the base of the wall had stopped, the day after that the creek lower down had dried up, and today the water level in the dam has increased by 20mm! It's a miracle that will really make a difference to our lives here, we are so very happy. Your product is fantastic and I'll certainly be telling anyone who'll listen! Thanks again, Regards, Katrina Parkes

Katrina Parkes

2013-05-21 01:41:20

You will be pleased to know the finer grain dam plug you sent me worked a treat. I am really impressed. I have never seen the dam so full & stay full. The bloody thing has leaked like it had a plughole in it for 11 years & now I can plan my gardens because I know I have plenty of water. Thank you for your good advice and help.

Ken Blanche

2014-10-13 01:43:56

Dam repair number 4. This occasion involved draining & drying out for several months, cleaning out attempt number two - 3 tonnes of Bentonite, & attempt number three - clay & silt, trucking in 336 tonnes of special clay, 2 excavators,1 bulldozer, 1 sheepsfoot roller, 2 impact whackers & $38,000.00!!! The result was still the same leaking dam I've had for 35 years. The last few shots are after Andrew arrived (I have concluded on a direct flight from Heaven), sprinkled a few handfuls of his stardust around the dam & that was the last time it leaked. If you meet another skeptic tell him to ring me.

Len Martin

2014-04-02 01:53:02

For 22 years we have been annoyed by the water loss from the dam at the front of our house. It has consistently leaked at a rate that I would estimate at two 19mil hoses running. I have had 2 tries at mechanical repair and have also thrown in several bags of Bentonite without making any difference. After the last rains I asked Google about leaking dams and came up with ‘Polymer Innovations’ who market a dam repair powder. With much trepidation I ordered 20 Kilos of their product. ‘Here goes nothing and not much change from $400’. Now picture if you will; Trent Abell rowing me around our dam in Dave Argaet’s tinny while I broadcast the strange powder (some of which turned to a greasy sort of jelly when wet) at a rate of 100 grams per square metre. We worked along and away from the dam wall...For a couple of days I was too apprehensive to check the outflow. Very pleased to report that after 2 days the flow had reduced to a mere trickle and dried up completely after 5 days. Yes, there is still a slight seepage area below the dam wall, which I believe comes under ground from the deepest (untreated) section of the dam. I intend to try again in that area if it doesn’t take up.

Lofty Mason

2016-05-25 02:04:02

I have spent 24 years and $7,000 trying to seal my badly leaking dam. 30 odd bags of bentonite trenching and refilling with good clay..pounding with machinery and crowbar pounding, all to no avail. Last Thursday I added polymer as per your instructions and although the dam was leaking as usual on that day, now the dam does not leak. I found your product did what you stated and stopped the leaking.

Mal Roughley

2014-06-03 02:09:33

The product worked perfectly. Our dam had been empty for about 10 years and was full of grass, lantana and weeds. The dam is full and it has been holding for about four weeks now.

Marilyn McKenna

2013-03-09 02:01:19

My dam is forty years old & the guy who made it said it has always leaked. Dam is now full of water lilies & looks a treat. The treatment worked brilliantly! Compare $370 against excavator & lining the dam, not to mention the damage to the lillies & wildlife. The product is absolutely fantastic.

Martin Chadwick

2013-11-06 01:33:51

My husband and I bought our property back in 2008 with the knowledge that only one of the two dams held water. We love living in the bush but as the years rolled by I really missed being able to sit outside and look at the water so I asked my husband to build me a mini lake.

Working on the theory of “happy wife happy life” he got Divalls in to give him a quote on creating my mini lake and in the conversation they ended up discussing our large dam that has never held water. Divalls advised my husband that there was a new product on the market that can plug dams and make them viable again.

Encouraged by this statement I proceeded to do my research and found Polymer Innovations website. The product needs to be applied when the dam is full or at least deeper than where the leak is, so we quickly ordered a 20kg bucket (approx. $400 delivered) online and eagerly awaited its arrival. As we had recently had significant rainfall and the dam was relatively full we methodically applied it to the surface of the dam, marking the water level when we were finished.

Daily my husband would check and remark the water level and because we were still receiving run-off into the dam the water level was increasing to the point that it is now full and ready to overflow.

Whilst I still want my mini lake we now have access to at least another 4megalitres+ of water so a big thank you to Divalls and Polymer Innovations for an inexpensive solution.


2016-07-11 12:06:23

Full Dam after using Water$ave Plug, very happy with the results. Not sure if it has sealed it 100%, but it has noticeably slowed the leak. And still have 1/2 a pail left for further treatment!

Melissa & Corey

2014-09-04 01:48:57

I used your product recently to seal a dam & the results were astoundingly good. I am very impressed with this product.

Michael Wilson

2019-01-29 01:40:13

I recently purchased a 10kg pail of polymer. Having spoken to your customer service officer about how to apply it to my dam, I am very pleased to give some feedback.


I used about half of the pail in the manner suggested and it appears to have solved the problem of leakage. I had at least 2 small leaks (probably yabbie holes near the surface next to the dam wall) which were causing wet patches behind the dam and the water level would drop fairly quickly. In 1-2 weeks the level would drop 20-30cms usually.


Whilst these were not serious leaks, they were annoying because of the difficulty in mowing behind the dam due to mud. We live in a very high risk fire area and keeping grass short is important in summer, as well as a full dam to the direct north of our property itself has a protective function.


Therefore I am pleased to have used your product and will happily recommend it to anyone else.


Your sincerely,


Mike Willey

Mike Willey

2016-11-23 02:05:40

I have to admit that I was, at first, a little skeptical of your product. The dam is about 16 metres across and always leaked within a week or so down to about half-full and dried up completely during the summer. This had been going on for several years. After just one application of about 10kgs of your product I am happy to say that the problems appears to be completely solved and it has remained totally full even after several weeks with no significant rainfall. You can also see that the aquatic vegetation has recovered and I can say that the frog population is once again loudly enjoying its restored home. I am so satisfied with your product that I have now ordered a larger quantity to be used on a fire fighting dam that has similar problems. Here is a photo of my garden dam (pond) as treated with your polymer (seepage) solution. Regards Neil Wickens

Neil Wickens

2015-10-13 01:25:10

Thanks for your great product Water$ave plug. After going through a terrible drought and running out of water for my stock. I decided to put in a good dam. I spent $25000 to drought proof my property. I couldn’t believe my luck when it started to fill, the water was pouring out as fast as it went in!!! When i saw your advert I thought I would take another gamble. It turned out to be the best gamble ever before the week was up the dam had stopped leaking. I was over the moon. I have no hesitation in recommending your product to stop leaking dams.


2015-07-07 02:06:15

It has now been a 2 months since I had the dam scraped out to get rid of all the weed etc. As it filled I sprinkled in your product and for the first time in 17 years it is holding water.


2017-10-23 01:39:05

We would like to thank Polymer Innovations for the wonderful dam sealing products. We would also like to highly recommend your integrity, honesty & service in supplying the product as well as sealing our dam which had previously leaked since it's inception. The dam is now full & holding. Thankyou, Peter & Jo Evans

Peter & Jo Evans

2014-08-01 01:37:50

Ever since it was built, about fifteen years ago, the dam had never been able to hold water for long. It would fill up when it was flooding and not so slowly leak out until it was dry or almost dry. We had the dam scraped out in November of 2012 and bought some Polymer innovations Plug to try and seal it. We put two pails into the dam over a twelve month period with mixed results. The dam would hold water in the bottom but not above about one quarter full. We talked to Polymer Innovations about it and they suggested that we try the Seep and we also decided to plant out the top half of the bank and try to keep water in the bottom half of the dam only. We have used one and a half pails of Seep and that seems to have done the trick. The dam now holds water quite well up to our high water mark with most of the water loss coming from evaporation. It took a while but with perseverance and advice from Polymer Innovations we have got our dam holding water and it is now looking pretty good. In another year or so when the plants have grown even more and it should look awesome.

Peter Morningstar

2015-03-29 01:29:06

I've been wanting to let you know your product worked great. I actually had two leaks. One near the surface in the south west corner and the one we spoke about in the north west corner. I have to admit that I had NOT followed your application directions precisely. I used far, far less (actually a trivial amount) and applied only as far as I could throw from the shore. I was meaning to go out in the kayak and apply according to your instructions when the weather warmed a bit. But by then, the leaks stopped. And hasn't leaked since.


Thank you for all your help, and a great product. One that I can recommend highly.


Peter Schreiner

2016-01-21 12:21:02

I want to write to say that your product for fixing leaking dams works brilliantly. I must say I was sceptical about this polymer stuff. But we now have a dam that is not leaking at all and about to overflow with the rain we’re getting on the South Coast of NSW. Thanks very much, It’s great to have bought a product that simply does what it is advertised to do.

Peter Winkler

2013-03-12 01:47:30

Your magic powder seems to have done the trick on my dam & it overflowed for the first time since it was built 6 years ago. Thank you, Phill Bennett

Phill Bennett

2014-08-29 01:32:31

We were trying desperately to figure out a way to fix an old stock pond built in rocky ground that has never held water since being built in the 1970's. Found this site & spoke with Lachlan, ordered the product & after a rain put it out. The tank holds water like never before!!!

Randall & Sherry Stiles

2016-01-21 01:17:08

Well, must say I'm impressed! Our dam has always leaked and having got a backhoe in 10 years ago to dig out the old gully line, managed to slow the drainage but then 6 years ago we got the wall raised a few metres and since then its leaked more than it keeps. Tried about 1/2 ton of bentonite but no improvement, very disheartening watching the level drop from full down by 2.5m in a week or so as that's about 6 months of water for the garden, so were about to get the wall moved and properly cored etc. but my wife saw your add and I bought 20kg of Water$ave. Having used about 20kg the dam thing seems to be holding! *** UPDATE *** Our Dam is now full, at last, following some recent heavy rain. This has only happened about 4 times since we had the wall raised in 2001, as we are fairly high up on a ridge and need some heavy falls for water to run into it. Since December, the water has gone up and down a bit with alternating rain and pumping, but every time the water got above the previous level I'd treated, I put some more Water$ave Plug in & it seems to have been holding well each time, and being fuller, as not much had leaked out. Last week we got 170mm of rain in a couple of days which by washed the dam for only the 2nd time in 8years and it is now full, and seems to be holding after putting in some more crystals in to cover the untreated bit. We now have about 2,000,000 litres more water stored which is more than we usually use in a year and will fill our 15,000gal tank about 40 times. I also gave some Water$ave Plug to a friend for their small dam, which had been leaking by about 2 feet, and last I heard it was fixed too.

Rob Farnham

2013-02-12 01:56:40

We were skeptical but decided to give it a go before we spent big $$$$ on a machine to fix our old leaky dam. We bought a 20kg bucket of the plug product. My husband and I think this product is amazing. We now have a full dam and are telling all our friends how great the product is. Cant go wrong for the money.

Sarah McMahon

2015-07-15 01:19:38

We just wanted to let you know that our dam has been wonderful since we used your product & we have told a few others about it too. Cheers, Sharon & Dave Adams

Sharon & Dave Adams

2013-04-08 01:39:14

What we had was a sink hole about a metre round and deep before it t...railed off to about 300 mill round hole down through the base and pooped out at the bottom of the dam wall about 20 feet down. Our dam is 12 feet deep and at least an acre in size. We purchased a container of plug and save and followed the instructions to a tee. Layer upon layer of clean earth we compacted and spread the contents of the polymer product until all the content was used. I should have filmed our procedure because it worked brilliantly. The dam is now full after the latest rain and the plug has held for two months now saving me a fortune in earthworks. I don't normally endorse products but I couldn't be happier with this result.

Tony Jordan-Ivers

2016-10-16 01:21:53