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D'ziner Snow Calculator

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  • Will the artificial snow be used for play or display?
  • Please measure or estimate the length, width & depth of the area to cover.
  • Transfer this volume to the tables below to calculate how much D'ziner Snow you need.
  • Wet Snow Mix for Play - 1kg of D'ziner Snow will make 1m x 1m x 10cm deep of snow. Dry Snow Mix for Display - 1kg of D'ziner Snow will make 1m x 1m x 7.5cm deep of snow.
  • Conversion: 1m3 = 35.3ft3 = 1000ltrs.
  • D'ziner Snow come in 190g or 800g jars to 2.5kg bags, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg or 20kg pails. Buy D'Ziner Snow now. 

Average Rate of D'ziner Snow for a WET snow effect for PLAY = 100gm/10ltrs.


Average Rate of D'ziner Snow for a DRY snow effect for DISPLAY = 125gm/10ltrs.



Recently got 2 pails of your product; fantastic only evaporation is drinking the water. Thanks for advise from Mark. Great stuff , I’m spreading word.

- Den Houghton ROLLESTON, QLD

I used your product recently to seal a dam & the results were astoundingly good. I am very impressed with this product.

- Michael Wilson

This product is Amazing !! I sprinkled about 1/3 of the pail into the leak area and within 12 hours it had expanded and sucked into the holes through all the gravel ! It is actually down to the smallest trickle now and we just had a huge rainst...

- Duane OHIO, USA

It's been almost 2 months since I treated our pond with your product.  We have had about 6 inches of rain since and the pond looks great.  The wetness below the dam is gone and the water level is holding. Bottom line is I am very impressed with...

- Bill Hille Kansas, USA