Dust Suppression – Application


Our Water$ave Dust Suppression (DS) has been used across mine & construction sites for years to assist in not only reducing the dust onsite but to save money. Water$ave DS is a lineal, anionic polymer in powdered form. It is soluble in water & in low concentrations increases the viscosity of the water. The polymer permeates & aggregates fine particles, making them large & heavy enough that they will not blow away & run off.




Water$ave DS is a cost effective & efficient way to control dust. Adding it to your water cart will reduce your watering volume & reduce the need for continuous water applications. This not only saves you time but also water & money. Water$ave DS is also non-toxic, biodegradable & environmentally friendly.



Application Rates

There are two application rates depending on how heavy the traffic on the application area is


Heavy Traffic

200gm per 1000L. This application rate will treat up to 350m2 – 500m2.


Light Traffic

100gm per 1000l. This application rate with treat up to 350m2 – 500m2.



Application Method

Water$ave DS is added slowly to the water cart. This is necessary to prevent gel-blocking (the DS is hydrated to quickly & begins clumping together). Agitate the solution for 15-30mins. Agitation should be repeated if the solution is left at rest for more than 30 minutes.  Complete two applications, allowing the solution to dry between each application. This can be repeated as required.




Water$ave DS is available direct from our website in 15kg pails. For international, larger quantities or bulk bag orders, please Contact Us direct. Our customer support team members are also available to answer any of your questions in regards to quantities, application, shipping & more . Contact Us.