Benefits of Polymer – Agriculture

Polymer has a wide range of applications in agriculture. They can assist in saving water but reducing the amount needed & wasted. Applications include but are not limited to repairing leaking dams & increasing crop growth & survival.  

Dam Sealer

A dam or pond not working to its full capacity can severely affect daily working on a farm. No water in the dam can in some instances mean no water for irrigation & no water for livestock. Our Water$ave Dam Sealers are applied directly to the water surface, meaning no need to drain what water is remaining. With no earthmoving equipment required, a single 18kg pail can cost under $500 & will cover approximately 180m2. If you are unsure which dam sealer, Water$ave Plug & Water$ave Seep, is right for you, contact us for a FREE dam assessment with one of our dam experts.

Hydro Seeding & Mulching

The main difference between hydro-mulching & hydro-seeding is hyrdo-mulching is the application of water, seed and fertiliser in combination with a growth medium (eg paper pulp, sugar cane or straw mulch), while hydro-seeding does not use a growth medium. Water$ave Hyrdo-Tac assists in holding the seeds during the germination phase reducing seed loss & improving soil quality making it the ideal addition when hydro-seeding. Water$ave Hydro is designed especially for hydro-mulching, acting as a binding agent & increasing the strike rate.


Increased water availability results in a better strike rate, stronger establishment & a improvement in crop resilience during intermittent rain. Water$ave Broadarce is designed to improve water retention in soil by up to 95% *. Root development is enhanced & growth is visibly more rapid.


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*Improving crop production by the use of PAM: Potential benefits to Australian agriculture. Siva Sivapalan, School of Agriculture, Charles Sturt University