Polymer Or Liner?

Want to fix your leaking dam? Not sure if polymer is right for you? Look at the benefits of polymer over a traditional plastic liner.

Dam Assessment

Some liner installers may give you an estimate before purchase & this price may vary once works have begun. Polymer Innovations will provide a FREE Dam Assessment over the phone with one of our dam experts along with continued support before & after application should you require it. Contact Us for more information.

Water Loss

When installing a liner, the dam must be drained of any existing water. This may be pumped into a different area or a different dam but most commonly it goes to waste. Our polymer Water$ave Dam Sealers are applied directly to the water surface no need to drain the dam, saving what water is remaining.   


Liners can cost thousands for the liner itself with the additional cost of installation. Water$ave Dam Sealers are under AU$500 per 18kg bucket with 1x 18kg pail covering approximately 180m2, delivered to your door. We have two products depending on the type of leak, Water$ave Plug & Water$ave Seep.  Water$ave is also do it yourself, no need to hire an installer.


Depending on the type of liner (plastic sheets, one single plastic liner or a sprayed membrane), the liner may need to be installed by a professional installer specialising in its installation. Most commonly liners are installed by earthmovers. Liners require any water to be removed before installation & can require additional earthworks for installation. Polymers do not require installation but an easy application, completely DIY. The product is applied by hand or small fertiliser spreader directly to the water surface. A small boat or kayak may be used for areas that cannot be reached by hand.


Depending on the size, Water$ave Dam Sealers can be apply in less than an hour. Some work may need to be done to the dam so the liner can be installed & then the installation of the liner itself. This means liners can take days, & in same cases weeks, to be installed.

For more information on our Water$ave Dam Sealers, try our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us. To buy head to Water$ave Seep or Water$ave Plug.