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Water$ave Plug & Seep FAQ

What is Water$ave Plug & Seep?

  • Water$ave Plug & Seep are a blend of super absorbent polymers of different sized particles similar to water crystals.


How does it work?

  • Polymer Innovations Water$ave Plug Range works by applying the dry polymer blend to the water surface of the water catchment area.
  • Once the polymers come in contact with the water it creates an invisible net that carries the polymers & any solids in the water downwards towards the leaks.
  • The different sized polymers then start expand up to 300 times it's size & head toward the voids, cracks & crevices where the water is leaking.
  • These polymers create a 'plug' & continue to expand filling all holes, cracks, crevices & porous soils over the coming days & weeks.
  • The hydrated polymers then become a part of the soil structure for decades.
  • Water$ave Plug Range is a blend of lineal & cross linked polymers that are 99% insoluble, non toxic & biodegradable. It will not harm any plants or animals like fish, yabbies, your pets or livestock.
  • This polymer is known as a Polyacrylamide. A combination of two monomers, Acrylamide & Potassium Acrylate. It’s charge density & molecular weight can be controlled by the ratio of Acrylamide & Potassium Acrylate.
  • This allows us to customise its charge depending on the soil to be bonded. This is known as flocculation, where soil solids are bonded into 'flocs'.
  • Water$ave locates the leak & seals it! Even if you don't know exactly where the leak is our polymers will locate the outflows.


Which blend Plug or Seep?

  • Water$ave Plug is designed for earthen dams, ponds or canals that contain soil crevices & cracks that are generally wider than 4mm.
    • Plug hydrates & expands up to 300 times it's particle size.
    • Plug is perfect for walls & bases with soil types containing:
      • Granite
      • Slate
      • Shale
      • Gravel
      • Conglomerates
      • Boulders
      • Pebbles
      • Exposed soils w/ holes, cracks or tunnels.


  • Water$ave Seep is designed for earthen dams, ponds or canals that contain fine soil crevices that are generally narrower than 4mm.
    • Seep hydrates & expands up to 200 times it's particle size.
    • Seep is perfect for walls & bases with soil types containing:
      • Loams
      • High Clays
      • Decomposed Granite
      • Sand
      • Silts
      • Basalt
      • Limestone/Sandstone
      • Sandy Clay Loams
      • Black/Red Clays
      • Alluvium/River Soils
      • Volcanic Soils


Can it be applied to dry dams or ponds?

  • Possibly, please contact us to discuss this specialised application.


When should I treat the dam/pond?

  • If your dam has water in it & is currently leaking water then now would be the best time to apply Water$ave Plug.
  • The pressure of the water & the leakage creates the suction needed to draw the polymers into the problem areas.
  • If you do not have any water in your dam yet, you can apply Water$ave Plug as your dam is filling up as this ensures a neat & even coverage.


When is best time of day to apply it?

  • It is best applied during a quiet morning at low wind times so the product is not blown away during application.
  • Be sure that there is little to no wind or rain & that there is no water overflowing from the dam.


I know where the leak is. Can I apply the WaterSave to that area or do I have to treat the whole dam?

  • Yes, if you know where the leak is then you can concentrate your application to that area but it is also recommended that the rest of the dam be treated as well & this can be done when the dam is full or is at least above the problem area.


How do you apply Water$ave Plug & Seep?


  • Application is at a minimum rate of 100gm per m2 and should not be broadcast further than 1.5 metres by hand or fertilizer spreader.
  • Broadcast the polymer no more than 1.5 metres, a boat is recommended to make sure that the application is spread evenly all over the dam without spreading the blend.
  • Be careful not to separate the blend or go through the polymer while applying to the water surface.
  • Distribute it as if you are 'feeding the chickens' at the recommended rates.


Is it safe for plants, fish & animals?

  • Yes, it is 100% safe to use in dams where livestock are present.
  • Please remove any livestock that is occupying the affected areas.
  • Water$ave is biodegradable, non toxic & environmentally friendly.
  • If ingested, the acid in the stomach will start to break down the gels & the water is released into the stomach, the polymer beads are then passed through.


How much area does the 18kg pail treat?

  • A 18kg pail will treat approx. 180m2 when applied at the recommended rate of 100gm per m2.


How much Water$ave Plug will I need?


  • A minimum of 100g per m2 calculated on the surface area of your dam, depending on whether your dam is full or partially full.
  • You can work out how much product is needed by using our online Water$ave Plug & Seep Polymer Calculator.


I have tried liners & bentonite clay but my dam still leaks. Will Water$ave work better than bentonite?

  • Clients that have tried sealing their leaking dams with linings or bentonite without success have great results using Water$ave Plug.


Will my dam be sealed on first application? How many applications will I need?

  • In the vast majority of cases clients successfully seal their leaking dams on first application but in some cases further application may be required.
  • These instances occur usually when rare, unforseen circumstances have been encountered or there has been a lack of adequete information regarding the leak before hand.


How long will it take to work?

  • Allow 24 - 48 hrs to hydrate & sink towards the outflows.
  • Then allow 2 - 10 days depending on the rate of leak for the polymers to start incorporating into the soil structures. Some clients have had their dams sealed within a few days.
  • On average you could have your dam sealed or notice the slowing down of water loss within 3-7 days!
  • If your dam is still leaking after this time further applications could be necessary.
  • Please Contact Us if there has been no change there may be something we haven't considered eg. tree roots.


What if it does not stop my dam from leaking after 2 weeks?

  • There may be a few factors to consider that may have an influence on why your dam is not sealed.
  • Has the leak slowed down or is there any noticeable change in the leak?
  • Was the recommended amount used and was enough product applied to the dam?
  • Were the dam measurements correct?
  • Have there been any other changes to the dam or area since the first application?
  • There may be a more severe problem than first thought & further applications may be required.


Will it work if my dam has weeds? Do I need to remove the weeds first?

  • Weeds will inhibit the flow of the polymer into the soil.
  • The polymer needs a clear path to the soil, if you have any weeds, reeds, leaf, litter or deep slit, you will need to remove these before application.
  • Water$ave Plug & Seep is made up of different sized hydrating particles & they will be sucked into those areas.


How long will it last in the dam? Is it permanent?

  • Water$ave under normal conditions will seal for decades.
  • With ongoing trials we anticipate that this is a permanent solution to sealing leaks & ponds.


Who has used it?

  • Our Water$ave range has been used successfully worldwide from Canada, The United States, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa & Zimbabwe.
  • In Australia, The Department of Land/Soil Conservation have used it in the field for years with great success.
  • It has been used by farmers, fisheries, government departments & councils through to mining & construction companies.
  • Due to it's versatile nature & ability to customise to specific environments we believe it will be suitable for most situations & scale.


What is the success rate?

  • Some cases require further applications due to unknown or undefined problems.
  • Most dams and ponds are sealed with one applicaiton only


Does it work on all soil types?

  • Between the two Water$ave Plug & Seep blends, generally yes.
  • High levels of alkalinity, salinity or acidity may affect the product's performance however.
  • In these rare cases the blend can be altered to suit your specific conditions.


Can I apply it to a new dam that I am building?

  • Yes, Water$ave has been designed to apply to new as well as already constructed dams by applying it to the base & walls of the dam depending on the location of the leak.


Will you guarantee it will seal my dam?

  • No. Due to unforeseen circumstances & the nature of the problems we are unable to guarantee that this product will always work first time.
  • Further applications may be necessary & we do encourage you to communicate with us if you are experiencing problems with sealing your leaking dam so we can get the best possible results for your team.


"It works!, it really works!!" I had hopes, not doubts, after reading other reviews but was praying it'd work as well as the dam here never held.


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- EJ

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- Joe Helper

Leak progress is still very good.  Your WaterSave product is fantastic !

I just wanted to send you a note, if you have another United States customer who is somewhat skeptical of your product.  If you want, you can provide the...

- George Graber

Our dam had been leaking badly for the past 2-3 months since it got full. I applied your Water$ave Seep at the recommended rate & within 2 days the leak had stopped & a week later the ground had almost dried out. We are really impressed...

- Frank & Jenny Bendigo, VIC