I Think My Dam Is Leaking?


Many factors can contribute to making a dam or pond leak. These include age, heavy rain, drought, poor construction & placement. Visible water dropping & wet areas forming nearby the dam are all indicators that the dam has leaks. Our Water$ave Dam Sealers can seal you dam without need to drain the water, use heavy earth-moving equipment & is DIY.


Wet Area Outside The Dam

A visible wet area forming close by the outside of the dam can be an indication that the dam is leaking, even before there is a visible water level drop. Water will escape through or under the dam wall & begin pooling nearby.


Water Dropping To A Level & Stopping

When it rains, does your dam fill then drop to the same level each time? This can indicate that your leak is located above the stable water level. Our Water$ave Dam sealers would be best applied when the dam is full so it can be drawn into the leak.


Sealed, Then Leaked Again

This is a common occurrence, especially after dam repairs have been undertaken. Further leaks can be created once a problem area is sealed. Water pressure is decreased while the dam is leaking & when it is sealed, the pressure is increased.  This can cause additional stress on other weak areas of the dam, creating more leaks. If using Water$ave Dam Sealer in this situation, a blanket application maybe needed instead of a targeted approach.


Need Help Sealing Your Dam Or Pond?

Contact Us NOW! Our Dam Experts are available for a FREE dam assessment over the phone. They can assist you in any questions you have & can recommend a treatment solution. More information about our Water$ave Dam Sealers can also be found on the Solutions page or in the FAQ’s.


How Do I Buy Water$ave Dam Sealers?

Our Water$ave Dam Sealers are available in 12kg & 18kg pails. They can be purchased online or over the phone. For Water$ave Seep click here. For Water$ave Plug click here.