Gardening With Polymer

Polymers can be used in a range of ways around your garden. Polymer can be used to increase the soil’s ability to hold water, improve water infiltration & assist in reducing plant mortality rates. This can translate into saving you time & money, along with healthier plants.  


Water$ave Turf (W$ Turf)

Appling W$ Turf before seeding or laying cut turf can assist in drought proofing your lawn. W$ Turf can assist in fast root development & regular, even growth.

The polymer crystals absorb water & can expand up to 200 times its size. After application to the plants root zone, the polymers with begin to slowly release water & fertiliser over time. This can greatly reduce to the need to water & results in a healthier lawn. W$ Turf will remain active in the soil for years supporting your lawns growth.

W$ Turf can be used on any scale, from a backyard garden to a council park or golf course. It will continue to increase water infiltration while reducing evaporation & run-off no matter area size.  

Want to know how much W$ Turf you need? Take a look at our W$ Turf Calculator


Water$ave Plantation (W$ Plantation)

Only a few grams of W$ Plantation per plant is needed to considerably improve growth levels while simultaneously reducing the mortality rates of the plants. W$ Plantation retains water & fertiliser, releasing them over a delayed period. Benefits of using W$ Plantation is that it also improves the water infiltration, minimises evaporation & reduces mortality due to transplant shock.

Application is simple. Add 6g of W$ Plantation per tree planting. Mix evenly into excavated soil. Place root ball at the bottom of the hole & fill in with treated soil, adding a layer of untreated soil on top.   


W$ Turf & W$ Plantation are both available in 15kg pails. If stored in a moisture-proof container, any unused product will last for several years. Our polymers are non-toxic & environmentally friendly.  


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