Don’t Dry Out This Summer – Dam Sealer


Summer is around the corner, meaning hotter & dryer weather. Don’t let your dams & ponds dry out when you need them the most. Seal your leaking dam or pond before you lose all the water gained over the winter period.

With the recent rain, many dams have been filled to capacity for the first time in many years. Many will have been weathered. Sudden water pressure can create leaks in weakened parts of the dam, increase minor leaks & increase visibility of some that many have existed before but remained above the maintained water level. Below are a few ways to identify if your dam is leaking & the location of that leak.

When it rains, does your dam fill then drop to the same level every time? Is this drop dramatic & unlikely the result of evaporation? This will indicate your leak is located just above the stable waterline & likely in the wall. This may also cause a wet area to form close by the outside of the dam.

Does your dam drain to empty when filled with no visible wet areas around it? Is the water level dropping faster than expected due to evaporation? It is likely you have a leaking in the base of your dam.

Our Water$ave Dam Sealers will help seal your leaking dam without draining your existing water. Water$ave Dam Sealers are applied directly to the water surface with no need for heavy earth-moving equipment, completely do it yourself. A full dam application isn’t always needed with targeted application often enough. Our 18kg will cover approximately 180m2 at the recommended rate.


Need more help? Our Dam Experts are ready to help answer any of your questions & can recommend treatment options, just Contact Us. They can also do a FREE dam assessment over the phone or you can Submit Your Dam Details. You can also learn more about our Water$ave Dam Sealers on the Solutions & FAQ pages.

Our Water$ave Dam Sealers, Water$ave Plug & Water$ave Seep, are available online in 12kg & 18kg pails. Contact Us direct for international & bulk orders.



All our polymers are safe to handle, non-toxic & non-hazardous according to Worksafe & the GHS.


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