Dam Sealer – FAQ’s


Polymer Innovations offer two dam sealing products, Water$ave Plug & Water$ave Seep. Both products are a blend of super absorbent polymers of different sized particles similar to water crystals. Take a look below at some of our most commonly asked questions:


Can It Be Applied To Dry Dams & Ponds?

Possibly, but a specialised application will likely be required. A consultation with on of our Dam experts is recommended in this case. Contact Us.

Does It Work On All Soil Types?

Yes. Your soil type will assist in determining which dam sealer is best for you. Soils with a higher alkalinity, salinity or acidity may affect product performance, with high application rates recommended.  Try our solutions page for more information.

How Much Will The 18kg Pail Treat?

A 18kg pail will treat approx. 180m2 when applied at the recommended rate of 100gm per m2.

Will It Work If My Dam Has Weeds?

It is recommended that any reeds, weeds, leaf little or deep slit be removed before application. These will inhibit the flow of the polymer into the soil. Our Water$ave Dam Sealers are made up of different size hydrating particles that are drawn into those leaking areas.  

Will It Work On A Concrete Tank?

We are often asked if our products will work on concrete tank or smaller ponds with a concrete lining. Our Water$ave Dam Sealers are designed to work on earth-based & not concrete.

Can I Order Internationally?

Yes! We ship orders across the globe including New Zealand, The United States, Canada & more.  Contact Us to place your order.


For more frequently asked questions, try our FAQ’s page, the Earthen Dam & Pond Sealers solutions page or Contact Us directly. Our dam experts offer FREE dam assessments over the phone. Submit Your Dam Details.

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