D’ziner Snow – How To

Need fake, instant snow now for your event, party or Christmas celebration? Try D’ziner Snow. D’ziner Snow can be made in minutes & is adjustable to suit your needs, a firmer dry snow for displays or a wetter snow for play with the kids.


What is it?

D’ziner Snow is a unique polymer bead that absorbs large amounts of water. Just a small amount of this polymer powder added to water transforms into sparkling white snow in minutes. D'ziner Snow polymer beads when kept out of UV light, dry, clean & free of contaminants can be reused again & again!



  • Add clean water to a clean bucket ready for mixing. For each litre of water you will need 10-15 grams (2-3 teaspoons) of D'Ziner Snow granules


  • Stir water while adding D'ziner Snow to prevent "gel-blocking"


  • Continue to stir for 3 to 4 minutes as the D'ziner Snow mixture starts to thicken


  • In just a few minutes your D'ziner Snow becomes firm & dry. If snow is too wet, add more granules - if too dry, add more water


  • Your D'Ziner Snow is now ready for play or display!!


For more information, head to our D’ziner Snow FAQ page.


How Much Do I Need?

D’Ziner Snow is available in a range of packs sizes, from 190gm through to 20kg. 10kg of D'Ziner Snow makes approximately 1 cubic meter of snow. Need help, try our D’ziner Snow Calculator.  


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