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How To Make D'ziner Snow

How To Make D'ziner Snow In 3 Minutes! - Short Video

How To Make D'ziner Snow - Step By Step Instructions


  • Add 10 - 15gm (2 - 3tsp) of D'ziner Snow to 1ltr of clean cold water.



    • D'ziner Snow can be a versatile mixture for Dry Display Snow or for Wet Play Snow. Use our D'ziner Snow Polymer Calculator to find out how much you need for display or for play snow.




  • Stir water while adding D'ziner Snow.



  • Continue stirring as the water starts to get murky.



  • Stir for 3 to 4 minutes as the D'ziner Snow mixture starts to thicken.



  • Till D'ziner Snow becomes firm & dry.



  • Your authentic looking D'ziner Snow is ready to use in minutes!



  • Empty D'ziner Snow & fluff-up!



  • Enjoy cool, white, sparkling, fluffy snow & still remain dry. For more information please refer to our D'ziner Snow FAQ page.



"It works!, it really works!!" I had hopes, not doubts, after reading other reviews but was praying it'd work as well as the dam here never held.


Long story short; moved onto a friend's property, they've owned it 15 years...

- EJ

We had a seeping dam and being at the start of the watering season, we did not have the choice of emptying our stock and domestic dam on our Central Victorian property. Im naturally a sceptical person but after contacting Polymer Innovations fe...

- Joe Helper

Leak progress is still very good.  Your WaterSave product is fantastic !

I just wanted to send you a note, if you have another United States customer who is somewhat skeptical of your product.  If you want, you can provide the...

- George Graber

Our dam had been leaking badly for the past 2-3 months since it got full. I applied your Water$ave Seep at the recommended rate & within 2 days the leak had stopped & a week later the ground had almost dried out. We are really impressed...

- Frank & Jenny Bendigo, VIC