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D'ziner Snow FAQ

What is D'ziner Snow? What makes it unique?

  • D'ziner Snow is a unique polymer bead in powder form. When mixed with water it takes on the appearance of snow.
  • Once these unique beads are expanded D'ziner Snow is 99% water, refracting light in such a way that it imitates natural ice crystals. Creating an amazing similarity to real snow!
  • D'ziner Snow can also be easily custom made for displays as a 'dry' mix or for playing in as a 'wet' mix.

What can I use D'ziner Snow for?

  • Use D'ziner Snow to create exciting & novel Winter snow effects especially at Christmas time or out of season events like 'Xmas In July' parties.
  • Decorating entrances & walkways, kids parties, birthday parties, winter parties, snow parties, themed parties... all sorts of fun!
  • Eye catching shop & trade exhibition displays.
  • Creating special effects & snow scenes in films, movies, theatres, concerts, photo shoots, advertising & promotions.
  • Use for kids or adult hobbies & unique holiday fun.
  • Decorating at buffets, creating highlights at weddings & functions or used with carved ice statues.
  • Snow dusting trees & other features to create snow effects outside.
  • You can create attractive features by using sealed or LED lights inside the D'ziner Snow!

How do you make D'ziner Snow?

  • Click here to visit the 'How To Make D'ziner Snow' section for simple how to make instructions & media.
  • The less water used to make up snow, the drier, shinier & fluffier the snow will be.

How do I dispose of the snow after use?

  • Once you have finished with your snow it can be shovelled, swept or vacuumed up.
  • D'ziner Snow also makes an excellent water saver & soil conditioner for your garden, it will retain moisture & nutrients, releasing them to your plants as required.
  • D'ziner Snow is safe to dispose of it is non toxic & biodegradable.

Will it stain or smell?

  • No, D'ziner Snow will not stain & has no odour. Once D'ziner Snow is fully hydrated with clean water it is 99% water therefore having no smell or taste.
  • D'ziner Snow won't stain sealed surfaces. Avoid placing on untreated timber or other degradable surfaces, especially those with a high degree of absorbency.
  • Do not leave D’ziner Snow on painted surfaces. If using D’ziner Snow on or around painted surfaces clean up thoroughly as paint may be affected.

How long will the snow last?

  • D'ziner Snow will dry out over a period of time but can be re-hydrated & reused! However, D'ziner Snow cannot be rehydrated & therefore reused once it has been overexposed to direct UV sunlight.
  • Outdoors: D'ziner Snow changes its characteristics when exposed to UV light & breaks down rapidly over time. If D'ziner Snow is exposed to UV light, keep this period of time to a few hours. Outdoor use of D'ziner Snow is generally a one time affair, re-hydrating & reusing is difficult.
  • Indoors: When kept away from UV light, D'ziner Snow indoor displays can last up to several years! As long as the product is well looked after & kept free of contaminants, it can be re-hydrated & therefore reused over & over.
  • Try experiment with a small quantity of formulated D'ziner Snow before attempting any major or regular applications.

What if my child or pet eats it?

  • D'ziner Snow is similar to what is found in babies nappies, no harm should occur if swallowed by humans or animals. The acid in the stomach will start to break down the gels & the water is released into the stomach, the polymer beads are then passed through.
  • D'ziner Snow is safe to handle, non toxic & biodegradable.

How do I decorate surfaces like trees?

  • Use a fine water spray to cover areas for decoration. Dust or sprinkle D'ziner Snow powder over the area and then cover with a mist of the water spray to create artificial snow.
  • Snow may need to be sprayed several times to allow for the beads to grow. Trees will also need to be sprayed every day or two as snow starts to shrink.
  • Another method that can be used is to make snow up firstly in a bucket and gently place it or sprinkle snow onto the leaves of the tree.

It's hot where I live, how long will it last in the heat?

  • The snow will not melt from the heat. However, it is UV sensitive & sunlight will break it down. This will look like it is melting & can become messy.

How much D'ziner Snow will I need?

How long will it last outside?

  • D’ziner Snow is UV sensitive & will only last for several hours in direct sunlight. It will look like it is melting. We do not recommend putting D’ziner Snow onto your roof or any painted surfaces.
  • If affected by UV light & not cleaned up properly D'ziner Snow may affect painted areas. It is also not recommended that D'ziner Snow be put anywhere where you may have people walking.
  • D'ziner Snow like real snow, is very slippery.

Can I freeze D'ziner Snow?

  • Yes, but the gel beads will expand once frozen & could break down when returned to room temperature.
  • D'ziner Snow is easier to mould or sculpt at freezing temperatures.
  • Keep frozen to sculpt or mould D'ziner Snow.

Can I make a snowman or a snowball out of D’ziner Snow?

  • Not really, these are polymer beads & cannot be compacted like real snow.
  • Snow balls can be made in the hand but will fall apart as soon as they are thrown.

Will it harm my lawn?

  • No it will not harm your lawn, as long as it is spread out and not left in a large pile & will work as a water saver on your lawn.
  • If using large amounts outside clean up as much as possible, then rake the remaining snow through your lawn.

Can I snowboard or ski on it?

  • Yes you can. We have several snow boarders who have used D’ziner Snow for boarding. Generally use a covering that is used for boarding on ice.
  • It is a bead that will not hold weight when jumped on unless you bring the temperature down to freezing, the same as real snow.

Can I sprinkle it on my lawn and then spray with water to make it up?

  • Yes, if the desired effect you are after is for a frosty look.

Does it feel icy/cold like real snow?

  • D’ziner Snow does not feel icy at room temperatures.
  • It is only as cold as the water that is used to hydrate it.

How safe is D'ziner Snow?

  • Naturally, Australians are not often exposed to snow in any form so you need to exercise sensible safeguards to ensure you can have fun without placing you or others at risk.
  • D'ziner Snow is safe to handle, non toxic and biodegradable.
  • D'ziner Snow should be placed into the ground as it is a water retainer & will safely break down over several years.

Can it be safely used as a decoration around food?

  • D'ziner Snow is non toxic & biodegradable it is fine for use around children & animals.
  • If swallowed the acids in the stomach will start to break down the beads allowing them to release the water and the bead will be passed through. D'ziner Snow should not pose any health or medical problems.
  • However, never encourage deliberate consumption of this product.
  • Do be careful when placing D'ziner Snow in places where people will be walking, just like real snow, D'ziner Snow is slippery. Make sure that there is substantial traction in the ground surface, and the area is not adjacent to polished or glazed surfaces.
  • It is important to exercise due care if D'ziner Snow is located in any walkways. We recommend that as an alternative you use D'ziner Snow as a feature beside walkways & entrances.

How do I reuse the snow?

  • To reuse D'ziner Snow a few factors need to be taken into account. Has the D'ziner Snow been in direct sunlight? Is it clean with no dirt or contaminants?
  • To reuse D'ziner Snow store it in a clean, dry container or plastic bag. Allow some time for the water to evaporate from the beads.
  • Store D'ziner Snow for months in a dry, dust free environment in an air tight container.
  • If the container is not sealed air tight, any water will slowly evaporate out of the beads over time & shrink. If the beads have shrunk you can add water to them again & the snow will reform!

How do I store D'ziner Snow after use?

  • If D'ziner Snow has been looked after, is clean & has been kept out of UV light, you can store it by placing it in a clean pail or bucket & sealing it.

Do I need any special machine or equipment to make snow?

  • No machines or special equipment is needed. D’ziner Snow is easily made by mixing the powder with water in a clean plastic containers or bucket.

Can it be blown with a snow blower or large fan?

  • Yes, if the D'ziner Snow is sprinkled correctly & is not too wet. D'ziner Snow is 99% water when fully hydrated, it can be difficult to control when blown by fans.


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