Want to keep the kids busy or add something extra to your next event? Try D’ziner Snow. D’ziner Snow is instant, fake snow that can be made in minutes for hours of fun.

Kids Activities & Sensory Play

D’ziner Snow is perfect for keeping the kids entertained during the school holidays, a new and exciting medium of play. Perfect to use outside for some fun in the snow, it is as close as going to the slopes without going there. It can also be used on a smaller scale. Add snow to a bucket, container or tray along with some plastic toys & let your little ones discover them within the snow.

Theme Parties, Displays & Centrepieces

D’ziner Snow is perfect for adding that extra touch to your next themed party. Adding snow amongst or incorporating them into the decorations can help bring a theme to life. Snow can easily be added to centrepieces & other displays with minimal setup. D’ziner Snow can also make a great party gift or bonbonniere. Themes our snow has been commonly used for include White Wedding, Winter Wonderland, Christmas, Christmas in July & Frozen to name a few.

What Is It?

D'ziner Snow is a unique polymer bead that absorbs large amounts of water. Just a small amount of this polymer powder added to water transforms into sparkling white snow in minutes. Unlike some inferior products, D’Ziner Snow is made from a spherical polymer bead, which ensures a bright, glistening, realistic look.

How To:

Step 1
Add clean water to a clean bucket ready for mixing. For each litre of water you will need 10-15 grams (2-3 teaspoons) of D'Ziner Snow granules

Step 2
Stir water while adding D'ziner Snow to prevent gel-blocking

Step 3
Continue to stir for 3 to 4 minutes as the D'ziner Snow mixture starts to thicken

Step 4
In just a few minutes your D'ziner Snow becomes firm & dry. If snow is too wet, add more granules - if too dry, add more water

Step 5
Your D'Ziner Snow is now ready for play or display!!

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