Laying Lawn – Turf Tips & Tricks

Think of laying lawn? Replacing old, dead grass with new turf? Simply laying turf or sowing grass seed does not guarantee the grass will grow. Here is a few tips & tricks the help ensure your grass will take & continue to grow.



Do the research. Make sure the grass purchased matches the area you wish to plant it in. Consider the water needs, shade & sunlight, the traffic over the area & what sort of maintenance it will require. Do you need to order the turf in advance? If you are not laying the turf rolls straight away, make sure you continue to water them until they are planted. You do not want them to dry out & die before it is time to plant.


Laying Lawn

Ensure the area is clear of all existing turf & weeds. If this is not cleared, they will be competing for the same water & nutrient resources as the new turf. This may affect the new turf’s ability to take & die in the process. Try using Water$ave Turf when laying turf to improve its growth & survival rate. Water$ave turf holds water in the soil for longer improving soil quality, while reducing the need to water by up to 50%. It also assists in protecting from drought & ground water pollution.


Stagger joints & avoid gaps where possible. This will help prevent erosion during heavy rain & reduce the risk of it drying out. If your planting on a slope, plant across the slope. This helps prevent the underlay being washed away when watering.Keep roots damp. This should be done until the turf has taken. Try Water$ave Turf to assist with this, as it increases the soils ability to hold water. Also avoid walking on newly laid turf as it can damage the fragile root system before it has a chance to take.



When your turf has taken & needs to be mowed, be aware that mowing your lawn to low can cause it to die off. Mowing your lawn constantly to low causes the lawn to draw on its reserves increasing the stress on the turf, decreasing its survival rate.


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