Is Polymer For Me?

Polymer can be used in a range of industries to help assist in a verity of issues while also reducing running costs. Our polymers have been used across the agriculture, mining, construction & horticulture industries to name a few. Got a problem? See if our polymers can assist.  


Dam Sealers

Our Water$ave Dam Sealers are used across the agricultural industry to seal a range of earth-based dams. We have two dam sealers available Water$ave Seep & Water$ave Plug. Both are applied directly to the water surface of a dam without the need for expensive earthmoving equipment, complete DIY. Learn More


Dust Control

Save time, money & water while decreasing dust with Water$ave Dust Suppression (W$ DS). W$ DS is a lineal, anionic polymer in powdered form that is soluble in water. The polymer permeates & aggregates fine particles, making them large & heavy enough that they won’t blow away or run off. The addition of a small quantity of Water$ave DS to your water cart will give superior results to using water alone. Learn More


Sludge, Slurry & Slime Removal

SAP HD is added to thicken & solidify slurry which would be too thick to pump or to liquefied to remove by shovel.  Once SAP HD is added to the material, it can be stable enough to move by excavator or shovel within a few minutes. It is often used in the mining industry, predominantly in underground mining, but also has a range of application across industrial, waste management, construction settings. Learn More


Hydro-Seeding & Hydro-Mulching

Hydro-seeding is advanced method of quickly applying water, seed & fertiliser to a large area. Water$ave Hydro-Tac is a stand-alone tackifier that can be used without the addition of mulch. Hydro-mulching is the application of water, seed & fertiliser in combination with a growth medium (eg paper pulp, sugar cane or straw mulch). A binding agent is often needed to stabilise the mixture. Water$ave Hydro is a blend of polymers specifically designed for hydro-mulching. Water$ave Hydro when added to the blend, acts as a binder that helps the mulch bind together & stay in place while the seeds germinate. Learn More


Cut Flower Management

Our Flora Gel has been designed for the floriculturist industry to help preserve the life of cut flowers. The flowers can be stored, packed, transported & displayed without extra handling. It can absorb & retain water & liquid fertiliser, allowing plants & flowers to draw it when required. This assists in extending the look & life of cut flowers, while removing the need for an oasis. Flora Gel has also been used in a variety of other ways including special effects, cool gel packs, jelly wrestling & oil burners. Learn More


All of our polymers are safe to handle, non-toxic & non-hazardous according to Worksafe & the GHS.

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