If you have a problem on your worksite, we may have your solution.

Dust getting out of control, try our Water$ave Dust Suppression. Not only does it significantly reduce the volume of water needed, but it can also help reduce the number of applications, saving time & money.

Water$ave Dust Suppression is a lineal, anionic polymer in powdered form. It is soluble in water & even in very low concentrations increases the viscosity of the water. The polymer permeates & aggregates fine particles, making them large & heavy enough that they won’t blow away or run off.

A small amount of Dust Suppression goes a long way with only 100g per 1000L needed for light traffic for approximately 350m2 – 500m2 & 200g per 1000L for heavier traffic. Available in 15kg pails, it is easy to handle & store when not in use. Buy Now.

Need help removing sludge, slurries & water slimes, try SAP HD. This versatile product will help with your water & waste woes. Muddy water that is too thick to pump but to watery to shovel can be thickened quickly with SAP HD, allowing for fast easy removal. In underground mining, SAP HD provides a time-critical solution to minimise lost production due to water ingress. Recovered waste can be transport to the surface on conveyors without extended periods of downtime or reduction in productivity.

SAP HD begins to work immediately to absorb 300 times its weight in water, minimising lost of production time. It is safe to handle with no specialised equipment or skills required.

Use 1kg-2kg of SAP HD per cubic meter of slurry, rates will be higher for saline water. Available in bulk bags or easy to use 17kg pails individually or in pallets of 48. Buy Now.

Both Water$ave Dust Suppression & SAP HD are safe to handle, non-toxic & non-hazardous according to Worksafe & the GHS.

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