Dam Sealer – Application

Our Water$ave Dam Sealers will seal your leaking dam or pond without needing to drain your dam or use heavy earth-moving equipment. Application is quick, easy & DIY. Both dam sealers, Water$ave Plug & Water$ave Seep have the same application method.


Before Application

There are a few things to consider & prepare before starting your application.

  • Leak Location & Type

Knowing your leak location means you are able to do a targeted application. This can save you product, time & money. Knowing the leak type can ensure you choose the right product for the leak for the best results. Not sure of the leak type or location? Our Dam Experts will assess your dam for FREE. Submit Your Dam Details.

  • Consider the Weather

Our Water$ave Dam Sealers should not be applied while raining or windy. Rain will cause the polymer to active to early & will expand before reaching its target. Wind can cause uneven distribution & can reduce coverage in the correct areas.

  • Clear Obstructions

Weeds, reeds, grass & other debris should be removed were possible. This can block the Water$ave Dam Sealer from being pulled into the cracks & voids trying to be sealed.

  • Relocate Livestock

Were possible, livestock should be relocated during the application process. Water$ave Dam Sealers will not harm the livestock but the livestock can disrupt the product’s path to the leak, reducing the applications effectiveness. Return the livestock once product has settled.    



For best results, Water$ave Dam Sealer should be applied while the dam is actively leaking with a water level of at least 1 metre (3ft) deep. This is to ensure there is enough water pressure for the product to be drawn into the cracks & voids. Water$ave Dam Sealer can also be applied dry to a new or existing dam but we do recommend consulting our Dam Experts for application method.  

Water$ave Dam Sealer is applied by hand but a small fertiliser spreader can also be used. Application rate is 100g per m². Don’t broadcast the product more than 2 metres (7ft) as this can cause an uneven application. Use a floatation device, such as a kayak or small boat, to reach the required area if needed. As you return to the bank cast the polymer behind you, as not impend its path to the leak.


Want more information? Try our dam sealing Solutions page or Contact Us for a FREE dam assessment from one of our dam experts. 


Water$ave PlugWater$ave Seep are available in 12kg & 18kg pails. 


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