The recent rain has not only helped to extinguish the recent Australian Bushfires, it has also meant rain has given some relief to drought affected areas. Dams are filling up quickly & leaks are being found that may not have been there before.

Dams that have emptied & been left dry for long periods of time can develop cracks & voids as the soil dries out & shifts over time. These voids do not simply close when rain finally fills them, they can grow & spread should a downpour rapidly fill them. The rain can also put pressure on weaker spots in the dam, creating even more leaks.

Water$ave Plug & Water$ave Seep are super-absorbent polymers in a dry, powdered form. Water$ave can be applied directly to the water surface of a newly filled dam to seal the leaks. No need to waste the precious water that has already been collected. Water$ave is applied when the dam is leaking so the product can be drawn into the cracks & voids that have formed. It will expand & create a plug, sealing the leak.

Water$ave Plug is best suited to dam which:

  • Has a water level that drops by more than 150mm (6 inches) per week
  • The leak is in the base of the dam
  • Where a flow of water is visible outside the dam wall
  • The soil is coarse or rocky

Water$ave Seep is best suited to a dam which:

  • Has a water level that drops by less than 150mm (6 inches) per week
  • The leak is in the wall of the dam
  • There are wet areas, but no flow of water outside the dam
  • The soil is fine or sandy

Water$ave can be easily applied by hand or with a small hand spreader. A small boat or other floatation device may be needed for larger application areas, as Water$ave should not be broadcast more than 2m by hand.  Also make sure that any debris and/or weeds are removed before application as these can create a barrier inhibiting Water$ave from reaching the leaks.


Water$ave Plug & Water$ave Seep are now available in 18kg pails & 12kg pails.


Find out how much Water$ave Plug or Water$ave Seep with our Polymer Calculator.


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