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Water$ave Plug & Seep Application Calculator


  • Please measure or accurately estimate the length & width of the water surface area of the dam/pond or the general areas where the outflows occur.
  • Then multiply by 1.1 to account for the surface area of the walls & base under the water.
  • Transfer this surface area to the tables below to calculate how much Water$ave Plug or Seep you need.
  • Fast leak = noticable water level reduction over days or weeks.
    Slow leak = noticable water level reduction over months.
  • Conversion: 1m2 = 10.76ft2= 1.196yds2.
  • Water$ave PL Plug & Seep come in 10kg, 15kg or 19kg pails.
    Click Here to visit the Online Store for individual products to see how much treatment each size will provide.

Average Rate of Water$ave Plug or Seep = 100gm/1m2.


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