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Soil Erosion Control


Soil erosion prevention is important to land owners in may ways. To maintain our landscapes integrity, to stop the leaching of pollution, prevent hard panning & increased salt content of soils, restore native land & increase the strength of embankments & other sloping grounds for roadways & other new land developments. Water$ave Flobind is a lineal polymer in powdered form that instead of forming a gel as most of our polymers do, Flobind turns into a slime. This slime infiltrates water quicker & controls soil particles more effectively.


Water$ave Flobind is available at the Online Store.

  • Water$ave Flobind
    Water$ave Flobind is a lineal polymer that is used for soil erosion control, road stablisation, dust suppression & dam sealing. This slimey polymer is extremely versatile & assists with all water & pollution issues. It is a water soluble polymer specifically designed to control soil erosion & improve water infiltration. It flocculates suspended fine soil particles & stabilises existing soil structure. Water$ave Flobind is ideal for smaller applications where powder or emulsion dosing systems are not practical.



Benefits to industries & individuals that use our unique polymer blends:


  • Easy & safe to handle.
  • Same methods no matter the scale.
  • Experience with all types of industries & background, no matter how complex.
  • Improves soil infiltration & light soil control.
  • Reduces water consumption & costs.
  • Dust exposure for humans & animals is quickly & accurately reduced.
  • Protects the environment against drought & ground water pollution.
  • Limits leaching of nutrients & fertilizers.
  • Proven time & equipment saver.
  • Non toxic, biodegradable & environmentally friendly.
  • Full documentation & backup support.

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