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Roads & Embankment Stabilisation


Polymer Innovations works closely with industries especially to help them maintain safe working environments that assist with the health & safety of workers, their families & local residents. Many of these heavy industries such as mining & construction are located in remote locations & utilise dirt or unsealed private & public roads constantly. Due to the huge amounts of stress on these roads regularly receive they soon lose stability & erode. Spilling & leaching toxic dirt, mud & pollution into nearby land & waterways affects employees, residents & the local environment.


Road & roadside stabilisation is important in maintaining our landscapes integrity by stopping the leaching of water based & airborne pollution, preventing hard panning & increased salt content of soils, protect native land & increase the strength of roads & embankments.


Road stabilisation & in turn soil erosion & dust pollution measures are quickly dealt with by Polymer Innovations specific polymer product Water$ave Dust Suppression, which is available at the Online Store.


  • Water$ave Dust Suppresion
    Keeping workers free from allergies & asthma, reducing soil erosion, ecological damage & airbor ne pollution. Also, reducing wear & tear on nearby expensive equipment. Finding ways to effectively control it in a simple & cost effective manner is beneficial for everyone.
    Polymer Innovations Water$ave Dust Suppression meets this demand with it's own specific polymer blend for dust pollution control.


Benefits to industries & individuals that use our unique polymer blends:


  • Easy & safe to handle.
  • Protect the environment against drought & groundwater pollution.
  • Rapidly dissolves in water without gel blocking.
  • Same methods no matter the scale.
  • Maintain landscape integrity, prevent hardpanning & reduce soil salt content.
  • Dust exposure for humans & animals is quickly & accurately reduced.
  • Improves soil infiltration & light soil control.
  • Protect native land & increase the strength of roads & embankments.
  • Cost effective, no need for heavy & expensive earth moving equipment.
  • Proven time & equipment saver.
  • Non toxic, biodegradable & environmentally friendly.
  • Full documentation & backup support.


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