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Artificial Snow


Create a white snow theme any time of the year with Polymer Innovations D'ziner Snow. D'ziner Snow is a versatile, cost effective, realistic & revolutionary fake snow product. You've never seen anything like D'ziner Snow. Looks & feels exactly like snow. It will amaze you, your friends, your neighbours, everyone! Used all year round in shop displays, weddings, functions, birthdays, themed parties, snow parties, winter parties, xmas parties, snow hobbies...all sorts of fun!


Polymer Innovations D'ziner Snow is a unique polymer bead that absorbs large amounts of water. Just a small amount of this polymer powder added to water transforms into sparkling white snow in minutes. Polymer Innovations D'ziner Snow polymer beads when kept out of UV light, dry, clean & free of contaminants can be reused again & again!


It is as close as you can get to the slopes without going there! D'ziner Snow is available at the Online Store.

  • D'ziner Snow
    D'ziner Snow is a versatile, cost effective, realistic & revolutionary fake snow product. D'ziner Snow creates an authentic snow atmostphere in motion pictures, TV commercials, promotional events & exhibitions is made easy with D'ziner Snow.


D'ziner Snow is for everyone!


Benefits to using our unique artificial snow blend:


  • Difficult to melt or blow away.
  • Flexible ability to be ideal for display fake snow or play fake snow or both!
  • Can be shovelled, swept or vacuumed away.
  • Looks & feels just like real snow not white powder.
  • Is dry to touch & play in.
  • Manageable enough to sculpt.
  • Can be used on almost any surface.
  • A small amount of powder makes a large amount of snow.
  • If looked after & kept clean, D'ziner Snow can be reused many times.
  • Easy to use, safe, non toxic & biodegradable.

D'ziner Snow also has another use:
D'ziner Snow is a polymer that absorbs large amounts of water it makes an excellent water saver & soil conditioner for your gardens, plants & lawns.

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