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Water$ave Plug and Seep


Recent rain? Now is the best time to treat your dam or pond.

Our Water$ave Plug Range is the world's best polymer based earthen dam or water catchment sealant.

Whether the leak is in the base, wall, through rock or any soil type Polymer Innovations has the specific Water$ave Plug dam sealant to put an end to your water losses.

The best time to treat your leaking dam with Water$ave Plug is when there is water in the dam, especially after recent rain. While there is water about & your dam is filling, stop those dam leaks before it costs you more money by putting your crops, stock & livelihood at risk.

There are other ways of sealing your dam using such products as bentonite clay, lime or with a lining. Most of these solutions have to be implemented when the dam is built.

Even then due to time or money restrictions these dams are not built as well as they should be where such things as soil conditions, council specifications & seasonal changes are not considered.

When applied at the correct application rate most cases require only one application to permanently seal your dam or pond.

Water$ave Plug & Water$ave Seep is available in 10kg, 15kg or 19kg pails at the Online Store

Easy to apply!


  • Just sprinkle over the surface of the water. On a quiet day with no wind or rain.
  • Apply at 100gm/m2 for a fast leak or 75gm/m2 for a slow leak. A fast leak is a noticeable reduction over days & weeks. A slow leak is a noticeable reduction over months.
  • Remove any livestock & dense reeds. They impede the polymers ability to get to the outflows.
  • Allow 12 - 48hrs. To hydrate, expand & sink towards the outflows.
  • Then allow 2 - 10 days. Depending on the rate of leak for the polymers to start incorporating into the soil structures.


How does it work?


  • Water$ave Plug Range is a blend of lineal & cross linked polymers that are 99% insoluble, non toxic & biodegradable. It will not harm any plants or animals like fish, yabbies, your pets or livestock.
  • This polymer is known as a Polyacrylamide. It’s charge density & molecular weight can be controlled by the ratio of Acrylamide & Potassium Acrylate.
  • This allows us to customise its charge depending on the soil to be bonded. This is known as flocculation, where soil solids are bonded into 'flocs'.
  • The hydrating polymers expand & create a 'net' that carry the polymers & solids toward the leaks. This creates a 'plug' & will continue to expand filling holes, cracks & crevices to become part of the soil structures.
  • Water$ave Plug & Seep locates the leak & seals it! Even if you don't know exactly where the leak is our polymers will locate the outflows.


Water$ave Plug Range is the easiest, most cost effective polymer based dam sealing product on the market, get it NOW.


Which blend do I need?

There are 2 Water$ave Plug blends specifically designed to suit all soil types & conditions.



Water$ave Plug

Designed for earthen dams, ponds or canals that contain soil crevices & cracks that are generally wider than 4mm. Plug hydrates & expands up to 300 times it's particle size. Plug is perfect for walls & bases with soil types containing:

  • Granite
  • Slate
  • Shale
  • Gravel
  • Conglomerates
  • Boulders
  • Pebbles
  • Exposed soils w/ holes, cracks or tunnels


Water$ave Seep

Designed for earthen dams, ponds or canals that contain soil crevices that are generally narrower than 4mm.

Seep hydrates & expands up to 200 times it's particle size. Seep is perfect for walls & bases with soil types containing:

  • High Clays
  • Loams
  • Decomposed Granite
  • Sand
  • Basalt
  • Limestone & Sandstone
  • Sandy Clay Loams
  • Black & Red Clays
  • Alluvium or River Soils
  • Volcanic Soils


Australia’s water conditions are often extreme & unpredictable. It is after all 'the land of drought & flooding rains'. The perfect testing ground for the world’s best dam sealing product.


Water$ave Plug Range key benefits include:



  • Permanent seal under most conditions.
  • Seals dam without the need to drain precious water.
  • Can be utilised into the soil during the construction of new dams.
  • Cost effective, no need for heavy & expensive earth moving equipment.
  • Customisable blends will seal the most porous of soils.
  • One quick & easy application to full or partially full dams.
  • Can be applied to a general or specific area.
  • Specifically designed to locate the outflow & seal it.
  • Proven time & equipment saver.
  • Same methods no matter the scale.
  • Available in bulk bags or easy to pour pails.
  • Full documentation & backup support.
  • Non toxic, biodegradable & environmentally friendly.
  • Will not harm your pets or livestock.
  • Delivered to your door nationwide or worldwide.

Contact Us now for more information. Or 'Submit Your Dam/Pond Details' & we will be in touch. 

Water$ave Plug & Seep is available in 10kg, 15kg or 19kg pails at our Online Store.


Not sure which size you need? Our Polymer Calculator can help.


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