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Water$ave Hydro is a special polymer blend that can be efficiently applied for hydroseeding operations. Water$ave Hydro maximises plant establishment & holds the components together preventing loss of material through wind & water erosion.

Hydroseeding (or hydromulching) is a land reclamation process often used on cleared, steep or damaged land that uses a slurry of seeds, dyes & mulch. The slurry is transported & applied via a water tank or IBC then sprayed over the ground in a uniform layer. This hydroseed (or hydromulch) promotes the new growth of native plants preventing
air pollution, soil erosion & undue water runoff.
Warter$ave Hydro is a specific combination of polymers that are further enhanced via cross-linking to hold the
hydromulch in place & release water as it is required. Water$ave Hydro is smooth & accurate to apply with no 'splashing'.

'Organic' tackifiers such as guar gum will 'tack' only for a short time (usually before the roots & soil have established properly) & do not retain water at all therefore not all seeds will germinate & develop evenly, leading to further soil erosion. Additives such as native seeds, fertilisers or dyes can be added to the hydromulch mix depending on your
soil structure, slope gradient & irrigation requirements.


Water$ave Hydro is a specific polymer blend for general hydroseeding operations in urban areas & general road embankments. Water$ave Hydro is designed to break down as the plants' root systems penetrate & hold the moist soil structures in place. Note: Hydroseeding in more rugged, isolated & dryer terrains may require Water$ave Hydro-Tac.


Water$ave Hydro prevents the hydromulch from becoming hardpan during drought. The mulch remains aerated & hydrated allowing the seeds to sprout quickly in any conditions. Water$ave Hydro provides an cost efficective, safe & easy to apply hydroseeding solution to enhance the growth of cleared or damaged native land.


Water$ave Hydro is available in 5kg, 10kg, 15kg & 18kg pails, at the Online Store.


Water$ave Hydro's key benefits include:


  • Enhances plant seeding, growth & survival.
  • Increase the water holding capacity of soils.
  • No splashing, accurate application.
  • Customisable for your unique projects.
  • Reduces soil erosion.
  • Breaks down naturally as root systems are established.
  • Reduce watering frequency by up to 50%.
  • Protect against drought & groundwater pollution.
  • Improve physical properties of compact soil.
  • Reduce water evaporation from soil.
  • Limit leaching of nutrients & fertilisers.
  • Improves soil porosity & aeration that stimulates plant growth.
  • Non toxic, environmentally friendly & biodegradable.
  • Same methods no matter the scale.
  • Full documentation & backup support.
  • Delivered to your door nationwide or worldwide.

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Water$ave Hydro is available in 5kg, 10kg, 15kg & 18kg pails, at the Online Store.

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