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SAP HD Heavy Duty

Polymer Innovations has developed a specific SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) known as SAP HD storesaphd2that addresses
the unique requirements of these industries. SAP HD has a proud reputation in Australia's most productive mines especially in the Hunter Valley. SAP HD absorbs large quantities of polluted water present in mining, construction, roadways & other water affected areas.

Customised dewatering & solidification of toxic water issues are dealt with quickly by SAP HD. SAP HD reduces damage to the surrounding environment & removes hazardous material from the work area that can be caused by polluted water or mud.


Synthetic or organic hydrocarbon slurry that is too thick to pump or too watery to shovel up, can be thickened or solidified quickly by adding SAP HD allowing for fast & easy removal.


SAP HD is specifically designed for critical applications where production is affected by water based slurries in mining. In underground mining, to clean up development roadways for long wall & infrastructure moves that are transported via conveyor belt or ROM feed. In open cut mines, SAP HD is used to recover slimes from sumps, dams & in CHPP. Recovered waste can be transported to the surface on conveyors without extended periods of downtime or reduction in productivity.


Our versatile super absorbent polymer products can be customised for specific environments. This ability to cater to the unique requirements of our clients allows us to remove & control up to 300 times it own weight in toxic water based pollution from some of Australia's most pristine environments & transported safely offsite. SAP HD is liquid solidification polymers are well suited for instances of mine reclamation of sludges & slimes to be controlled or removed.


SAP HD is avaialble in 17kg pails, 48 pail pallets, 500 & 1000kg bulk bags. 17kg pails available at Online Store or Contact Us for bulk pricing.


Advantages of using SAP HD include:


  • Recover mining & construction water affected areas & roadways immediately.
  • Dewater & reclaim sumps & slimes quickly.
  • Customised solutions for your unique projects.
  • Single operation & reduced downtime.
  • No undue hardening or leaching of waste material.
  • Increased & more stable payloads, safer movements on & off site.
  • Absorbs quickly up to 300 times it's own weight in liquid.
  • Holds stable all toxins, heavy metals or industrial waste.
  • Reduced overall costs, proven time & equipment saver.
  • Easy & safe to handle.
  • Versatile & quick application methods.
  • No airborne dust generated.
  • Non toxic, biodegradable & environmentally friendly.
  • Available in bulk bags or easy to pour pails.

SAP HD provides an efficient, safe & easy to apply solution to any water based problem where hard to handle toxic water, mud or sludge needs to be controlled or removed.

Contact Us now for more information. 

SAP HD come in 17kg pails, 500 & 1000kg bulk bags or 32 & 48 pail pallets. Visit the Online Store to purchase or  head to the Polymer Calculator to find out how much SAP HD you need.

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