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Polymer Innovations Complete Product Range

Water$ave Plug and Seep


Recent rain? Now is the best time to treat your dam or pond.

Our Water$ave Plug Range is the world's best polymer based earthen dam or water catchment sealant.

Whether the leak is in the base, wall, through rock or any soil type Polymer Innovations has the specific Water$ave Plug dam sealant to put an end to your water losses.

The best time to treat your leaking dam with Water$ave Plug is when there is water in the dam, especially after recent rain.While there is water about & your dam is filling, stop those dam leaks before it costs you more money by putting your crops, stock & livelihood at risk.

There are other ways of sealing your dam using such products as bentonite clay, lime or with a lining. Most of these solutions have to be implemented when the dam is built.

Even then due to time or money restrictions these dams are not built as well as they should be where such things as soil conditions, council specifications & seasonal changes are not considered.

When applied at the correct application rate most cases require only one application to permanently seal your dam or pond.

Easy to apply!


  • Just sprinkle over the surface of the water. On a quiet day with no wind or rain.
  • Apply at 100gm/m2 for a fast leak or 75gm/m2 for a slow leak. A fast leak is a noticeable reduction over days & weeks. A slow leak is a noticeable reduction over months.
  • Remove any livestock & dense reeds. They impede the polymers ability to get to the outflows.
  • Allow 12 - 48hrs. To hydrate, expand & sink towards the outflows.
  • Then allow 2 - 10 days. Depending on the rate of leak for the polymers to start incorporating into the soil structures.
  • Please visit the How To Apply Water$ave Plug & Seep page for more information.


How does it work?


  • Water$ave Plug Range is a blend of lineal & cross linked polymers that are 99% insoluble, non toxic & biodegradable. It will not harm any plants or animals like fish, yabbies, your pets or livestock.
  • This polymer is known as a Polyacrylamide. It’s charge density & molecular weight can be controlled by the ratio of Acrylamide & Potassium Acrylate.
  • This allows us to customise its charge depending on the soil to be bonded. This is known as flocculation, where soil solids are bonded into 'flocs'.
  • The hydrating polymers expand & create a 'net' that carry the polymers & solids toward the leaks. This creates a 'plug' & will continue to expand filling holes, cracks & crevices to become part of the soil structures.
  • Water$ave Plug & Seep locates the leak & seals it! Even if you don't know exactly where the leak is our polymers will locate the outflows.
  • Please visit the Water$ave Plug & Seep FAQ page for more information.


Water$ave Plug Range is the easiest, most cost effective polymer based dam sealing product on the market.


Water$ave DS Dust Suppression


Dust suppression is important in heavy industry especially those that reside in open environments such as mines, roads, airstrips or construction sites that pollute the air & blow it elsewhere. Important also for the workers & nearby residents who have to deal with it on a daily basis.

Suppressing & controlling the amount of dust & light soil in the air is important in many ways. Such as keeping people & animals free from allergies & asthma, reducing light soil erosion, ecological damage & airborne pollution. Also, reducing wear & tear on nearby expensive equipment.

Finding ways to effectively control it in a simple & cost effective manner is beneficial for everyone. Polymer Innovations Water$ave Dust Suppression meets this demand with it's own specific polymer blend for dust pollution control. Local coal mines in the Hunter Valley with serious dust concerns use Water$ave Dust Suppression on a regular basis.

Water$ave Dust Suppression has become a simple, proven, economic & environmentally friendly solution to control dust & light soil erosion.


Water$ave PT Plantation


Deforestation of native vegetation creates many problems such as soil erosion or air pollution. Ecological destruction effects all animal & plant species which then contributes to disease, food shortages & an imbalance in ecosystems that we share.

Polymer Innovations Water$ave Plantation is effective in the revegetation & reforestation of trees, bushes, tube stock & saplings. It is a specific blend of cross-linked & lineal polymers that can be added either in wet hydrated or dry form to the planting hole.

Water$ave Plantation is highly effective in the replanting of trees, bushes & saplings to assist in revegetation & reforestation. Providing an efficient, safe & easy to apply solution for enhancing the revegetation & reforestation of cleared native land.

  • Water$ave Plantation reduces the mortality rate caused by transplant stress, improves plant establishment & also enhances water retention & root development encouraging more rapid growth & production.


Water$ave Plantation is non toxic & biodegradable, reduces the leaching of any introduced fertilizer, minimising evaporation from the soil whilst improving porosity & aeration.


Increasing biodiversity which leads to the proliferation of necessary native species such as birds or worms & decreasing barren land that leads to soil erosion, ecological damage & the proliferation of disease & pests.


Water$ave Flobind

Polymer Innovations has special blends of polymers that has multiple uses that can be 'mixed' with other polymers to come up with specific customisable solutions. Water$ave Flobind is one of these amazing polymers blends. Flobind is a lineal polymer in powdered form that instead of forming a gel as most of our polymers do, Flobind turns into a slime.


This slime infiltrates water quicker & controls finer soil particles more effectively such as dust. When mixed with other blends it allows us to be even more effective with our polymers such as improved blends for soil erosion, sediment control, dust pollution & dam sealing in very porous soils.

Water$ave Flobind is extremely versatile & can assist with all water & pollution issues. It is a water soluble polymer specifically designed to control soil erosion & improve water infiltration.

It flocculates suspended fine soil particles & stabilises existing soil structure.
Flobind is ideal for smaller applications where powder or emulsion dosing systems are not practical.


  • This new product gives us an even greater ability to customise a solution for your water & pollution problems.
    Whether it is used on its own or mixed with other blends our ability to cater a solution for you is assured.


Water$ave Hydro is a special polymer blend that can be efficiently applied for hydroseeding operations. Water$ave Hydro maximises plant establishment & holds the components together preventing loss of material through wind & water erosion.


Hydroseeding (or hydromulching) is a land reclamation process often used on cleared, steep or damaged land that uses a slurry of seeds, dyes & mulch. The slurry is transported & applied via a water tank or IBC then sprayed over the ground in a uniform layer. This hydroseed (or hydromulch) promotes the new growth of native plants preventing air pollution, soil erosion & undue water runoff.

Warter$ave Hydro is a specific combination of polymers that are further enhanced via cross-linking to hold the hydromulch in place & release water as it is required. Water$ave Hydro is smooth & accurate to apply with no 'splashing'.

'Organic' tackifiers such as guar gum will 'tack' only for a short time (usually before the roots & soil have established properly) & do not retain water at all therefore not all seeds will germinate & develop evenly, leading to further soil erosion.

Additives such as native seeds, fertilisers or dyes can be added to the hydromulch mix depending on your soil structure, slope gradient & irrigation requirements.

  • Water$ave Hydro is a specific polymer blend for general hydroseeding operations in urban areas & general road embankments. Water$ave Hydro is designed to break down as the plants' root systems penetrate & hold the moist soil structures in place.
    Note: Hydroseeding in more rugged, isolated & dryer terrains may require Water$ave Hydro-Tac.


Water$ave Hydro prevents the hydromulch from becoming hardpan during drought. The mulch remains aerated & hydrated allowing the seeds to sprout quickly in any conditions.

Water$ave Hydro provides an cost efficective, safe & easy to apply hydroseeding solution to enhance the growth of cleared or damaged native land.


Water$ave Hydro-Tac

A tackifier is an adhesive compound used in hydroseeding (or hydromulching). Acting as a 'glue' it can be a resin based or a polymer based mixture used to increase the 'tack' or stickiness of the hydroseed mulch to be mixed, this may contain water, seeds & fertilisers. This hydromulch 'mix' is then pumped over the area to be treated.


Hydroseeding is a land reclamation process often used on cleared, steep or damaged land that uses a slurry of seeds, dyes & mulch. The slurry is transported & applied via a water tank or IBC then sprayed over the ground in a uniform layer to promote the new growth of native plants preventing air pollution, soil erosion & undue water runoff.


Water$ave Hydro-Tac is a specific linear polyacrylamide, called PAM. Using PAM tackifiers is one best ways to hydroseed; retaining more moisture in the mulch to keep it in place & prevents messy applications without 'splashing' onto embankments, paths & roadways.


Water$ave Hydro-Tac does not 'glue' the mulch to the soil. It actually hydrates & conglomerates the soil particles, making them bigger & heavier. Therefore making it much more difficult to displace on embankments, damaged land & hillsides making it perfect for steep slopes.


'Organic' tackifiers such as guar gum will 'tack' only for a short time (usually before the roots & soil have established properly) & do not retain water at all therefore not all seeds will germinate & develop evenly, leading to further soil erosion.


Water$ave Hydro-Tac is a specific polyacrylamide (or PAM) tackifier that last longer & at lower application rates produce the same 'tack' as organic tackifiers.


  • Water$ave Hydro-Tac is a 'stand alone' tackifier that does not necessarily require mulch or additives. It is a blend of specific lineal polyacrylamides for hydroseeding projects that retain moisture & soil structures for longer time periods than other polymer tackifiers.
    Note: For general hydroseeding in urban areas & road embankments Water$ave Hydro may be suitable.


Water$ave Hydro-Tac is an excellent 'straw tackifier' that is designed to break down as the plants' root systems penetrate & hold the soil structures in place.


Highly effective in the young regrowth of trees, shrubs, bushes & saplings to assist in revegetation & reforestation especially in dry & remote locations.



Polymer Innovations garden specific polymer Water$ave Medium has been a best selling product for us for years. Used by agriculturalists, horticulturalists, groundskeepers, landscapers, weekend gardeners, sporting clubs & community groups to keep gardens looking as good as possible, especially during times of stress & low irrigation.


Water$ave Medium is used to improve the quality & efficiency of gardens, vegetable patches & flower beds by reducing water usage & optimising the use of those water & nutrients by the plants.

Also as a result the leaching of nutrients & fertlisers is greatly reduced, preventing ground water pollution.

Water$ave Medium is a specific blend of premium cross linked polymers to assist with the growth & transplantation of plants & shrubs. It is a potassium based product that improves the efficiency of fertilisers & nutrients either introduced or existing in the soil.

  • Water$ave Medium has a large surface area per gram that allows better distribution around the root zone, this means that only a small amount of this product is required to be effective.


Water$ave Medium quickly uptakes the water & then gradually releases the water & nutrients for years as it is required by the plants, reacting again each time it is irrigated. Reducing watering by a significant amount therefore reducing all types of related costs & increasing land values.


Water$ave Medium can be mixed into the soil & fertiliser before planting & due to it's easy application can also be applied to rockeries & pot plants. Providing an efficient, safe & easy to apply solution for enhancing the growth & stability of commercial & domestic gardens



To grow good lawn in a dry environment is difficult & requires a lot of water & man hours especially during the summer months. Water$ave Turf is perfect for newly laid sod, exposed lawns, drought areas & during water restrictions. The retention of water by our specific polymers reduce labour & water applications, as well as providing relief for difficult growth areas & hot spots that are vulnerable to drying out & going brown.



Polymer Innovation's Water$ave Turf is a specific polymer formulation for Australian conditions that can be used throughout the growth cycle of lawns & sods. Water$ave Turf is a blend of anionic cross-linked & lineal polymers added to turfs & sods before laying. The polymer improves the efficiency of water, fertilisers & nutrients either introduced or existing in the soil structure.

Water$ave Turf ensures good germination & fast root development for the even growth of lawns. The rooting of the sod is faster, increasing growth efficiency & strike rates. Most effective when applied straight to the soil before seeding or before the turf is rolled out.


Widely used in turf landscaping for decorative lawns, golf courses, bowling greens, sporting fields, parks & gardens. Water$ave Turf is a market leader in lawn growth polymers that can be easily used on any scale.

 Water$ave Turf is available in 5kg, 10kg, 15kg & 20kg pails at the Online Store.



Polymer Innovations Water$ave Broadacre is a specific blend of anionic cross-linked & lineal polymers used to increase the efficiency of available water in your crop's soil profile. It is specifically designed for non irrigated broadacre crops.


Water$ave Broadacre will absorb & redistribute the nutrients & fertiliser providing a buffer suited to the crops water demands whilst minimising evaporation from the soil.

Water$ave Broadacre is applied into the soil with the fertiliser & seed stock.

Farmers who use Water$ave Broadacre report:

  • Better crop seeding strike rates.
  • Stronger broadacre crop root development.
  • Stronger growth rates during times of stress.
  • Improved crop establishment.
  • Better crop resilience to the effects of weak intermittent rain & drought.

Water$ave Broadacre benefits are extremely important to landowners & farmers to improve yields. Increasing the value of your land not too mention reducing water costs & loss through evaporation.

After initial irrigation Water$ave Broadacre will hold water throughout the growth cycle of the crop without any further irrigation required.


SAP HD Heavy Duty

SAP HD Heavy Duty has a proud reputation in Australia's most productive mines especially in the Hunter Valley. Polymer Innovations has developed a specific SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) known as SAP HD that addresses the unique requirements of these industries.

SAP HD Heavy Duty absorbs large quantities of polluted water present in mining, construction, roadways & other water affected areas.


Customised dewatering & solidification of toxic water issues are dealt with quickly by SAP HD. SAP HD reduces damage to the surrounding environment & removes hazardous material from the work area that can be caused by polluted water or mud.

Synthetic or organic hydrocarbon slurry that is too thick to pump or too watery to shovel up, can be thickened or solidified quickly by adding SAP HD allowing for fast & easy removal.

SAP HD is specifically designed for critical applications where production is affected by water based slurries in mining. In underground mining, to clean up development roadways for long wall & infrastructure moves that are transported via conveyor belt or ROM feed. In open cut mines, SAP HD is used to recover slimes from sumps, dams & in CHPP. Recovered waste can be transported to the surface on conveyors without extended periods of downtime or reduction in productivity.

Our versatile super absorbent polymer products can be customised for specific environments. This ability to cater to the unique requirements of our clients allows us to remove & control up to 300 times it own weight in toxic water based pollution from some of Australia's most pristine environments & transported safely offsite.

  • SAP HD Heavy Duty is liquid solidification polymers are well suited for instances of mine reclamation of sludges & slimes to be controlled or removed.

Flora Gel

Polymer Innovations Flora Gel has been specifically designed for the cut flower & floriculturist industry to help preserve the life of cut flowers. Flowers can be stored, packed, transported & displayed without extra handling.

Flora Gel is a specific polymer that can absorb & retain large quantities of water & nutrients. Then gradually release the absorbed water & nutrients when required, allowing the plants or flowers to flourish.

Not only that Flora Gel has multiple uses for the floral, function, entertainment & hospitality industries.

This extremely versatile gel can be used in restaurants, weddings, functions, clubs & parties as:

  • Floral displays.
  • Transporting cut flowers.
  • Coloured gels for displays & centrepeices.
  • Oil burners.
  • Floating candles.
  • Themed parties.
  • Ice & snow displays.
  • Jelly wrestling.
  • Cool gel packs.
  • Smelly jelly.
  • Special water effects for movies, TV, theatre or marketing.
  • Whatever!
  • Please visit the Flora Gel FAQ page for more information.


Flora Gel is safe for the environment, non toxic, UV sensitive & biodegrabable.


D'ziner Snow

D’ziner Snow is an amazing, realistic looking snow that can be used for window displays, weddings, functions, parties & events, theatre & concerts, holidays & hobbies ...all sorts of fun!

D'ziner Snow can be used for:

  • Weddings, functions & kids birthdays

  • Themed winter snow parties & 'Xmas in July' parties

  • Fake snow displays & activities

  • Shop displays

  • Special effects in Hollywood movies such as 'Happy Feet'.

  • Special effects on TV shows 

  • Media advertising

  • Theatre & shows events

Head to D'ziner Snow FAQ page for more information or visit the Online Store to purchase



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