What is the Difference Between Hydro-Seeding & Hydro-Mulching?


Although both Hydro-Seeding & Hydro-Mulching are methods to revegetate areas to improve growth success, they are different. The biggest difference is the addition of a growth medium during the application process.


Hydro-seeding is advanced method of quickly applying water, seed & fertiliser to a large area. Results are often improved with a tackifier. Water$ave Hydro-Tac is a stand-alone tackifier that can be used without the addition of mulch.  Water$ace Hydro-Tac assist in holding the seeds in place during their germination period. This reduces seed loss while improving water filtration & the physical properies of the soil.


Hydro-mulching is the application of water, seed & fertiliser in combination with a growth medium (eg paper pulp, sugar cane or straw mulch). A binding agent is often needed to stabilise the mixture. Water$ave Hydro is a blend of polymers specifically designed for Hydro-mulching. Water$ave Hydro when added to the blend, acts as a binder that helps the mulch bind together & stay in place while the seeds germinate. Water$ave Hydro is a scientifically advanced way to revegetate compared to other methods including direct seeding & drill seeding. It can also assist in revegetating difficult to access areas.  


Water$ave Hydro-Tac & Water$ave Hydro can both be purchased online. They are available in 15kg pails with bulk options available.  Our Solutions page has further information on both products.  Have more questions? Contact Us & one of our friendly customer support team members will help answer any of your questions.


All our polymers are safe to handle, non-toxic & non-hazardous according to Worksafe & the GHS.


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