Sludge, Slimes & Slurries

SAP HD has a wide range of applications in the mining, construction & industrial industries. One of SAP HD’s main uses is to help assist in the removal of sludge, slimes, slurries & other water waste.

Muddy wastewater can easily slow down production & can create an unnecessary workplace hazard. By using SAP HD, the workplace hazard can be removed with speed & ease. SAP HD provides an efficient, safe & easy to apply solution to any water-based problem where hard to handle water or mud needs to be removed.

SAP HD is a polymer powder that is applied directly to the slurry and starts to absorb water immediately. Approximately 1-2kgs of SAP HD per cubic metre of slurry is used depending on the slurry.  Within minutes SAP HD begins to absorb the liquid, stabilising material enough to remove by an excavator or shovel. No specialised skills or equipment are needed during removal.  

One of the best examples is SAP HD’s use in underground mining. SAP HD provides a time-critical solution to minimise lost production due to water ingress. Recovered waste with added SAP HD can be transport to the surface on conveyors without extended periods of downtime or reduction in productivity.

SAP HD is safe to handle, non-toxic & non-hazardous according to Worksafe & the GHS.

SAP HD is available in easy to handle & store 17kg pails. Buy Now.

For larger jobs, 500kg & 1000kg bulk bags are also available. Contact Us for more information.