Simply Seal It With WaterSave Dam Sealer

There are many reasons a dam or pond may leak including poor soil, bad construction & it’s age. These & other contributing factors can cause your dam to leak & empty making it useless. Stop wasting that water & seal it with our Water$ave Dam Sealers.

Our polymer Water$ave Dam Sealers are applied directly to the water surface by hand or small fertiliser spreader, no need for expensive earthmoving equipment. If you know the location of the leak, even better! Water$ave can be applied just to a targeted area depending on your leak type. Our Water$ave Plug is typically used for faster leaks from the base of the dam with coarse/rocky soil. Water$ave Seep is likely to be used when the leak is slow, in the walls of the dam with fine or sandy soil. Need help finding your leak? Contact Us for a FREE dam assessment from one of our dam experts or take a look at our Earthen Dam & Pond Sealers page for more information.

Don’t just take our word for it, look at what some happy customers has to say –

“The leaking dam that I contacted you about has stopped leaking after using your polymer product. Money well spent.”

                Don Mackay LINTON, VIC

“Thank you so much for your product. We believe that it has been very successful in plugging the leaks in our dam!”

John & Kerry Egel KERSBROOK, SA

“Our dam had been leaking badly for the past 2-3 months since it got full. I applied your Water$ave Seep at the recommended rate & within 2 days the leak had stopped & a week later the ground had almost dried out. We are really impressed.”

                Frank & Jenny BENDIGO, VIC

“The wet patches & boggie areas behind the dam have all dried up & water level holding. Thank you for your help & advice, I will certainly recommend you & your product to anyone with a similar problem.”

                Dave Jupp CAPALABA, QLD

For more success stories head to our Testimonials page or Buy Now, Water$ave Plug or Water$ave Seep.