Plastic Pond Liners / Dam Liners or Polymer?


Did you know there is another option to conventional liners to seal your leaking dam or pond? Water$ave Dam Sealers is a polymer alternative to traditional liners with many additional benefits.


Leak Assessment

Liners can be sold without any assessment of your dam. Some installers may quote for repairs & installation, but the price of the completed job may vary after works have begun.

Polymer Innovations provides a FREE dam assessment over the phone or via email with our dam experts. Our experts also offer FREE continued support before & after our Water$ave Dam Sealers are applied, should it be required. Submit Your Dam Details.  



Liners themselves can run into thousands of dollars without including the cost to install them. This also does not factor in the price of not being able to use the dam during the installation & the price of the water lost.

A single 18kg pail of our Water$ave Dam Sealers can cover approximately 180m2 & is under AU$500.00 including freight domestically. It is delivered to your door with no installer required. We have two products depending on the type of leak, Water$ave Plug & Water$ave Seep. Both have the same application method.



Depending on the type of liner (plastic sheets, one single plastic liner or a sprayed membrane), it is often required to be installed by the retailer or an earthmover. Should an earthmover be required, this increases the cost & adds an additional risk if the earthmover is inexperienced with the product/installation. Incorrect installation can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the liner & decrease its lifespan. Often the water you currently have before the liner is installed will need to be removed & often wasted.

Our Water$ave Dam Sealers are completely do it yourself with no need for heavy earthmoving equipment. Water$ave is applied directly to the water surface by hand or small fertiliser spreader. No need to drain your existing precious water. Application on larger dams may require a boat or kayak to broadcast the product from, as the product should not be spread over more than 1.5m metres to maintain its effectiveness.



If an installer or earthmover is required for installation, you must wait for an available start date from them. Once works begin, traditional liners can often take days to weeks to install. This does not include the time to drain the dam & any other preparation needed before installation.

Once you receive your Water$ave Dam Sealer, it can be applied.  Depending on your dam size, Water$ave can be completely applied in less than an hour. No need to drain your dam or wait for an installer.


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