No Need For Dam Liners, Try Polymer Instead


Building a new dam or repairing an old one? Are you considering installing a dam liner? Have you tried polymer instead? There are many reasons to consider trying polymer instead of traditional liners, time, money, water loss & the installation itself.


The cost for most types of dam liners, plastic, rubber or a membrane, can run into the thousands. This does not always include installation, just the material cost. Additional earthmoving equipment hire & installation can also add to the cost.

Our polymer Water$ave Dam Sealers are under AU$500 & are completely DIY. Applied by hand with no additional equipment needed.  Polymer can also be applied to a targeted area if a full dam application isn’t required, further reducing the cost.


Dam liners are often required to be installed by the provider or an earthmover. This can add additional cost on top of purchasing the liner itself. When hiring an earthmover additional risk can also arise. They may not have experience at installation of that product, with incorrect installation causing further costly issues.

Water$ave Dam Sealers are completely do it yourself with no need for additional earthmoving equipment. Water$ave Dam Sealers are spread over the water surface by hand or a small fertiliser spreader. A small boat or kayak may be required for larger dams as the product should not be broadcast more than 1.5metres.   

Additional Leaks & Repairs

Even when liners are installed correctly, they can puncture, snag or tear over it’s lifetime of use. Exposure to UV & harsh weather for extended periods of time can reduce the lifespan of the liner.  Additional repairs can be costly & can require you to drain the dam to access the damaged area, wasting precious water.   

Additional polymer can be applied without draining the dam. New leaks may form after other leaks have been sealed due to new water pressure on existing weakened areas. This can also occur with the use of liners.  Water$ave can simply be added to the water surface of those areas. A complete dam application instead of targeted can also reduce this.


Our Water$ave Dam Sealers are available in 12kg & 18kg pails. We are based in Australia & can ship worldwide. They can be purchased online or over the phone. For Water$ave Seep click here. For Water$ave Plug click here.

Need help or more information? Contact Us for one of our dam experts to assist you & give you a FREE dam assessment if required.