Fix your leaking dam with our Water$ave dam sealers. Take a look at how easy the application is. 


Before Application

Locate the leak – This allows for a more targeted application, saving you product & money. If you are unsure where your leak is contact us for a free dam assessment from one of our dam experts.

Clear any obstructions – Weeds, reeds & other debris can block the polymer’s path to the leak & reducing its effectiveness.

Relocate livestock – It is recommended to keep livestock away during the application to ensure the polymers are not relocated from the leaking areas.

DO NOT apply while raining or windy – Apply on a clear, still day to ensure an even coverage of the product.


For best results Water$ave Plug or Seep should be applied while the dam is actively leaking. The water level should be at least 1 metre (3ft) deep. Water$ave can be applied by hand or with a small hand spreader to the water surface. Don’t broadcast the product more than 2 metres (7ft) as this can cause an uneven application. If needed use a floatation device, such as a kayak or small boat, to reach the required area. As you return to the bank cast the polymer behind you, as not impend its path to the leak.

Water$ave Plug & Water$ave Seep are both non-toxic & not harmful to plant or animal life. This means it can be handled without protective clothing. The polymers do become slippery when wet, so care should be taken.


Want more information? Take a look the dam sealing solutions page.

You can also take a look Polymer Innovations YouTube channel for How To videos


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