What is Flora Gel?

Flora Gel is extra-large clear polymer crystals that are non-toxic, UV sensitive & biodegradable. Designed for the floriculturist industry to help preserve the life of cut flowers, while also being aesthetically pleasing. Flora Gel can absorb & retain water & liquid fertiliser, allowing plants & flowers to draw it when required. This is how the look & life of cut flowers is extended. Flowers are able to be stored, packed, transported & displayed without extra handling.


What is Flora Gel Used For?

Floral Gel is used in displays & centrepieces for a range of occasions including weddings, parties & themed events. When flowers are used, Flora Gel can replace an oasis or florist foam as the flower will stand in place. An oasis or florist foam needs to be covered & hid in the display; Flora Gel becomes a part of the display, even adding to the overall look. It can be dyed a range of colours & layered to match the occasion or theme. It has also been used to give the appearance of floating candles, to extend the burn time for essential oils (smelly jelly) & many other display effects in the entertainment & hospitality industries.



Once water is added to the crystals, they will hydrate in minutes but for full hydration leave for 12 -24 hours. The application may vary depending on the use required. Standard application is 2 teaspoons of Flora Gel to 1 Litre of water. If colour is wanted, add dye to the water before adding it to the Flora Gel. It can be re-used if rinsed before storage & re-hydrated when used again.

For use in oil burners, hydrate Flora Gel & coat with essential oils. Rehydrate the gel once it has shrunk if you wish to reuse it.


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