Water$ave dam sealers are easy to use, have quick results & don’t require earthmoving equipment.  John from Wolvi QLD, has used our Water$ave Plug & Water$ave Seep products to seal his dam (as shown above). You can see the difference adding Water$ave to your dam can make.

What is it & How will it seal my leak?
We have two Water$ave dam sealing products, Water$ave Plug & Water$ave Seep. Both are super-absorbent polymers in a dry, powdered form. When added to the water surface the particles begin to hydrate & expand, while descending to the bottom of the dam. The weight of the water forces the particles into the cracks & voids, where the polymer particles continue to expand, creating an effective plug to stop the leaks.

How is it applied?
Water$ave is applied by hand or with a small hand spreader to the water surface. A small boat or other floating vessel may be needed if you require to cast the product further than 1.5 metres as the product should be spread evenly.

What makes it better than a plastic liner?

  • Applied directly to the water surface, no need to drain your dam for installation.
  • In most cases application is completed in less than an hour, not days or weeks.
  • DIY, no need to pay for additional installation.
  • Most dams cost under $500 including freight to seal, not thousands.

How much do I need?
Water$ave is applied at a minimum rate of 100gm (approx. half a metric cup) per square meter. This can be reduced if you know where your leak is. The product can then be applied to a targeted area instead of the whole dam. Still unsure? Take a look at our Polymer Calculator.

Plug or Seep?
Take at look at our solutions page to see which product is best suited to your needs

Need Help?
Contact Us now if you would like further assistance. You can also Submit Your Dam Details for one of our dam expects to give you a completely free dam assessment.

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