Water problems on your work site? Are you overrun with muddy water to thick to pump but to watery to shovel? Need to reduce your water usage while keeping your dust under control? Polymer Innovations can help!


Dust Control & Road Stabilisation

Water$ave Dust Suppression (DS) has been used in a wide range of fields including construction, mining, industrial & agriculture. Water$ave DS is lineal, anionic polymer in powdered form that is soluble in water & even in low concentrations increases the viscosity of water. 

The polymer infuses & combines fine particles, making them large & heavy enough that they won’t blow away or run off. Adding a small amount of Water$ave DS to your water cart will reduce both the volume & frequency of watering; saving time, money & water.

For application, Water$ave DS is added slowly to a water cart & agitated for at least 15 minutes to activate the polymer molecules. The solution should be recirculated if left to settle for more than 30 minutes.

Water$ave DS is simple to use & is suitable for jobs of any scale. Buy now 


Sludges, Slurries & Slimes

SAP HD has a range of applications in mining, industrial & construction settings. SAP HD provides an efficient, safe & easy to apply solution to any water-based problem where hard to handle water or mud needs to be removed. It can rapidly absorb 300 times its weight in water & does not need specialised skills or equipment to be applied.

Its most common use is in underground mining to minimise lost production due to water ingress. SAP HD allows the recovered waste material to be removed by shovel, loader or conveyor. This reducing downtime & increases productivity.

For application, SAP HD can be poured directly from the pail & worked into the slurry by shovel or mechanical means. It will begin to work immediately & stabilises the slurry within minutes. It can also be used in saline water but with a higher application rate.   

SAP HD is available in easy to handle pails or in 500kg bulk bags for larger jobs. Buy now


Our products are safe to handle, non-toxic & non-hazardous according to Worksafe & the GHS.