Dust Control

Do you have a problem controlling dust on your work site? Try our Water$ave Dust Suppression.

Water$ave Dust Suppression (DS) has been used in mining, agriculture & construction for many years. Water$ave DS reduces watering frequency by up to 50%, making it a cost effective & efficient way to control dust no matter the job size.

What sets it apart from other products on the market is it is a lineal, anionic polymer in powdered form. Unlike Super Absorbent Polymers, Water$ave DS is soluble in water, and even in very low concentrations increases the viscosity of the water. The addition of a small quantity of Water$ave DS to your water cart will give superior results to using water alone. It is non-toxic, bio degradable & environmentally friendly. It is Classified as non-hazardous by Worksafe and GHS.

Water$ave DS will reduce both the volume & frequency of watering, saving you time, money & water.

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