Fix that leaking dam today without using an excavator or emptying the dam by using our polymer WaterSave Dam Sealers. These are just a few benefits of using polymer over traditional methods.

Liners often cost thousands of dollars to install without including the price of the liner itself. The dam must be drained before installation. This can mean a loss of water, no access during installation & possible additional costs if water is required to be pumped in after installation. The installation itself can also take hours or even days & in most cases will need to involve earthmoving equipment.

Depending on size, our polymers could seal your dam for under AU$500.00 without needing to drain precious water from your dam. Our WaterSave Dam Sealers’ application is quick, easy & completely DIY. The polymer is applied directly to the water surface by hand or small fertiliser spreader, no other equipment required.

Clients who have tried using bentonite to seal their dams without much success have had great results with WaterSave Plug & Seep. Bentonite often is often required to be used during construction of the dam or mixed into the layers of the dam walls & base. This means the dam must be empty to used it & further problems may occur if you disturb the dam foundations when using it on an existing dam.

Polymer can be applied before or after construction. The polymer itself will expand up to 300 times its size when added to the water & be dragged into the voids to create a seal. Bentonite will only expand up to 30 times its size & is not as affective on application.

Our customers agree polymer is the best choice for sealing you dam. Look at what Barry had to say:

We excavated an ornamental pond 13 metres x 8 metres approx 1 metre deep on our property on the Mornington Peninsula. The pond was dug into clay. Unfortunately, heavy rains filled the hole before we could line it. The pond has consistently lost about 30mm of water daily and last summer would have virtually dried up. We have had to regularly top it up from our rainwater catchment. We treated to pond with your polymer product. Within 2 days our pond ceased losing water and has maintained the existing level of water ever since.

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