Benefits of Polymer – Displays & Entertainment


Different types of polymer can give different looks to a display while lasting longer than other materials. Polymer can also be dyed to suit any occasion. It can also provide a source of entertainment for an event without being expensive.  

D’ziner Snow

Have a white wonderland any time of the year with D’ziner Snow. Used in displays, weddings, parties & so much more, it is a realistic, instant, fake snow. It is a unique polymer bead that absorbs large amounts of water. Just a small amount of this polymer powder added to water transforms into sparkling white snow in minutes. When kept out of UV light, dry, clean & free of contaminants can be reused again & again!

D’ziner snow has been used in many ways. Displays & centrepieces for themed parties are common but also as entertainment. Kids will love playing in the snow that looks & feels like the real thing. It has also been used as a sensory activity for younger children. Learn More or Buy Now


Flora Gel

One of our most versatile products, Flora Gel can be used in a range of ways including floral displays & centrepieces for weddings, functions & other events. Flora Gel is not only more visually appealing then using an oasis or floral foam when creating a display/centrepiece, it can replace it. Flora Gel is a specific polymer that can absorb & retain large quantities of water & nutrients, then gradually release them when required. This allows the plants or flowers to flourish while being used, meaning it can assist in keeping the displays/centrepieces fresher for longer while adding to the visual appeal.

Flora Gel can also be used when burning essential oils. Hydrating & adding the Flora Gel to your oil burner before you add the oil can make the burn time 3 times longer & is safer than oil & water alone. Learn More or Buy Now



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