Benefits of Polymer – Commercial & Industrial

Polymer has a range of uses in several industries including but not limited to construction, waste disposal, transportation, above & underground mining. If you need assistance getting the right polymer product for your needs Contact Us & one of our support staff will answer any questions.

Sludges, Slurries & Slimes

Sludges, slurries & slimes are often hard to remove. SAP HD provides an efficient, safe & easy to apply solution to any water-based problem where hard to handle water or mud needs to be removed. It can rapidly absorb 300 times its weight in water & does not need specialised skills or equipment to be applied. SAP HD is commonly used in under-ground mining to minimise lost production due to water ingress but can also be used on other forms of slurries like those formed when cutting concrete. Learn More or Buy Now

Dust Control

Using just water when supressing dust means multiple passes with a water cart within a short time. The addition of a small quantity of Water$ave DS to your water cart will give superior results to using water alone. The polymer permeates & aggregates fine particles, making them large & heavy enough that they won’t blow away or run off. Water$ave DS will reduce both the volume & frequency of watering, saving time, money & water. It is simple to use & suitable for jobs of any size. Learn More or Buy Now

Our polymers safe to handle, non-toxic & non-hazardous according to Worksafe & the GHS. SDS are available on the product pages with additional information available on request.

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