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Polymer Innovations

Polymer Innovations has specialised in cost effective super absorbent & flocculating polymers, to assist clients in the management & efficient use of water since 2000.


Founded by Andrew Evans by initially producing polymers to assist local mines with day to day functions. It soon became a popular enterprise producing polymers to create fake snow & assist floral arrangements.


This developed into creating polymers to seal dams, assist local agriculture & reclaim pollution from local coal mines.


Andrew Evans & Wife Andrea have run Polymer Innovations singlehandedly for years.


Company Strength & Products Range

Going from an experiment in the kitchen to a small warehouse in Maison Dieu to now being one of the most unique greentech companies in Australia.


Polymer Innovations now employs over a dozen people in Singleton & distributes via resellers across the country.


Nowadays, Polymer Innovations products can seal leaking dams, save water, prevent soil erosion, control coal sludge, stabilise run-offs or maintain roads & crops.
While still maintaining the original polymers that make artificial snow, assist with gardens, parks & landscaping or stabilising floral arrangements for your displays.


Research & Development

Since the first days of Polymer Innovations our continual research & development ensures that we meet the specific requirements & conditions of our clients. We continue to work with you to support your team on getting the best performance from our polymers.


All products are manufactured at the highest quality, environmentally friendly, biodegradable & non toxic.



Polymer Innovations is located in Singleton, NSW, Australia. The heart of the Hunter Valley.

We service both Nationwide & Worldwide.
Wholesale, Distributors & Agents Welcome: Please Call 0265 715 177 or Contact Us to request an application form.

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