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Revegetation, Reforestation & Hydroseeding


Deforestation of native vegetation creates many problems such as soil erosion or air pollution. Ecological destruction effects both animal & plant species that can then contribute to disease, food shortages & a general imbalance in all ecosystems that we share. We are sometimes to impatient to wait for mother nature & father time to do things in their own way. Sometimes to catch up with our often increasing rate of damage is to increase the rate of the recovery.

Polymer Innovations design specific polymer that are effective in the turf sodding, hydroseeding, revegetation & reforestation of native trees & saplings. Polymer Innovations Water$ave Plantation is a specifically designed polymer for native tree plantations on land clearings for reclamation & revegetation projects.

Water$ave Hydro & Hydro-Tac are special polymer blends that can be efficiently applied for hydroseeding operations in mountainous areas or road embankments. Maximising plant establishment & holds the components together preventing loss of material through wind & water erosion.


Polymer Innovations assists the reclamation of cleared native land via the following polymer blends. These products are available at the Online Store.

  • Water$ave Plantation
    Effective in the revegetation & reforestation of trees, bushes & saplings. Water$ave Plantation reduces the mortality rate caused by transplant shock & also enhances root development encouraging more rapid growth & production. Also, non toxic & biodegradable, Water$ave Plantation reduces the leaching of any introduced fertilizer, minimising evaporation from the soil whilst improving porosity & aeration.
  • Water$ave Hydro
    Is a specific polymer blend for general hydroseeding operations in urban areas & general road embankments. Water$ave Hydro is designed to break down as the plants' root systems penetrate & hold the moist soil structures in place. Water$ave Hydro provides an cost efficective, safe & easy to apply hydroseeding solution to enhance the growth of cleared or damaged native land.
  • Water$ave Hydro-Tac
    Is a 'stand alone' tackifier that does not necessarily require mulch or additives. It is a blend of specific lineal polyacrylamides for hydroseeding projects that retain moisture & soil structures for longer time periods than other polymer tackifiers. Water$ave Hydro-Tac is an excellent 'straw' tackifier that is designed to break down as the plants' root systems penetrate & hold the soil structures in place & is highly effective in the young regrowth of trees, shrubs, bushes & saplings especially in dry & remote locations.
  • Water$ave Turf
    Is a special polymer formulation that can be used throughout the growth cycle of lawns & sods, ensuring good germination & fast root development for the even growth of lawns. The rooting of the sod is faster, increasing growth efficiency. Water$ave Turf polymers reduces labour & water costs, as well as providing relief for difficult growth areas & hot spots that are vulnerable to drying out & going brown. Water$ave Turf is widely used in turf landscaping for decorative lawns, golf courses, bowling greens, parks & gardens.


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