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Water$ave Flobind

Polymer Innovations has special blends of polymers that has multiple uses that can be 'mixed' with other polymers
to come up with specific customisable solutions. Water$ave Flobind is one of these amazing polymers blends. 
W$ Flobind is a lineal polymer in powdered form that instead of forming a gel as most of our polymers do, it turns
into a slime.

This slime infiltrates water quicker & controls finer soil particles more effectively such as dust. When mixed
with other blends it allows us to be even more effective with our polymers such as improved blends for
soil erosion, sediment control, dust pollution & dam sealing in very porous soils.


W$ Flobind is extremely versatile & can assist with all water & pollution issues. It is a water soluble polymer
specifically designed to control soil erosion & improve water infiltration.
It flocculates suspended fine soil particles & stabilises existing soil structure. Flobind is ideal for smaller
applications where powder or emulsion dosing systems are not practical.


This new product gives us an even greater ability to customise a solution for your water & pollution problems.
Whether it is used on its own or mixed with other blends our ability to cater a solution for you is assured.


 Water$ave Flobind is available in 4.5kg, 10kg & 17kg pails at our Online Store.


Water$ave Flobind main benefits include:


  • Reduces soil erosion by up to 95%.
  • Enhances plant seeding, growth & survival.
  • Increase the water holding capacity of soils.
  • Protect the environment against drought & groundwater pollution.
  • Protects fertile top soil & ensures a sustainable crop.
  • Improve physical properties of compact soil.
  • Limit leaching of nutrients & fertilisers by up to 90%.
  • Improves soil infiltration & light soil control.
  • Reduces evaporation, no need for continuous water applications.
  • Proven time & equipment saver.
  • Dust exposure for humans & animals is quickly & accurately reduced.
  • Full documentation & backup support.
  • Safe, easy, non toxic, biodegradable & environmentally friendly.

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Water$ave Flobind is available in 4.5kg, 10kg & 17kg pails at our Online Store.


See how much W$ Flobind you need, go to the Polymer Calculator.

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