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Flora Gel

Polymer Innovations Flora Gel has been specifically designed for the cut flower storefloragel2& floriculturist industry to help preserve the life of cut flowers. Flowers can be stored, packed, transported & displayed without extra handling.

Flora Gel is a specific polymer that can absorb & retain large quantities of water & nutrients. Then gradually release the absorbed water & nutrients when required, allowing the plants or flowers to flourish. Flora Gel also has multiple uses for the floral, function, entertainment & hospitality industries.

Flora Gel is available in 150g or 700g jars & 4kg, 10kg or 15kg pails.

This extremely versatile gel can be used in restaurants, weddings, functions, clubs & parties for:


  • Floral displays & centrepieces
  • Transporting cut flowers
  • Oil burners
  • Floating candles
  • Ice & snow displays
  • Jelly wrestling
  • Cool gel packs
  • Smelly jelly
  • Special water effects for movies, TV, theatre or marketing


Please visit the Flora Gel FAQ page or Contact Us for more information 


Flora Gel is safe for the environment, non toxic, UV sensitive & biodegrabable.


Flora Gel's benefits include:


  • Flowers will stand perfectly in the gels
  • Flora Gel will also absorb liquid fertiliser & plant food
  • Plants & flowers draw the water & nutrients from the crystals as required
  • Specifically designed for the cut flower industry to help preserve the life of cut flowers
  • If looked after, rinsed & re-hydrated, Flora Gel can be reused many times
  • Disposal is made easy by digging unwanted gels into any garden
  • Safe, easy to use, biodegradable & non toxic

Common Uses For Flora Gel:


  • Oil Burners
    • Make your own smelly jelly by coating hydrated Flora Gel with essential oils
      & burning them in your oil burner
    • Crystals will burn 3 times longer than just water & oil
    • Reuse your gels by re-hydrating them once they have shrunk
    • Safer than using hot water & oil in your burner
  • Floral Centrepieces
    • Create eye catching centre pieces that are an attractive mood setting for wedding and functions
    • Candles or lighting can be submerged into the gels to add colourful lighting for any special occasion
    • They look stunning in a dark room.
    • If looked after, rinsed and re-hydrated, Flora Gel can be used & reused many times
    • Colour Flora Gel can suit your needs & decor when used for weddings & themed events
  • Other Uses
    • Cool or warm gel packs for humans or animals.
    • Hydrated Flora Gel is perfect for cut flower & plant transportation.
    • Drought proof water retaining crystal for gardens, flower beds or rockeries.
    • Special effects or coloured water gel for sports & entertainment.

Contact Us now for more information. 

Flora Gel is available in 150g or 700g jars & 4kg, 10kg or 15kg pails at our Online Store.

See how much gel is needed with out Polymer Calculator.

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